Singapore FOOD trip

Hi guys! This is DAY 1 of my Singapore Getaway blog! My aim is to hit as many yummy must eat foods in Singapore and also visit those must visit sites that a Tourist should go to. As usual you’ll see me flooding the post with pictures and food reviews. ENJOY!

  1. First things first, INTERNET in Singapore. Super easy. Just go on to klook.com and just order a ChangiRecommends Pocket wifi for just RM27 for 3GB per day. Which makes it a total of RM135 for our trip for 2. Just head towards any ChangiRecommend Kiosk to get the pocket wifi, and they will hold $200 from your credit card until the device is returned. So make sure you return it at the SAME kiosk, to ensure that deposit does not get wrongfully deducted.
  2. Transportation. We got an EZlink card instead of the Singapore Tourist pass ($10 – 1 day, $16 for 2 days, $20 for 3 days) because the lady at the counter asked how many days we were here for and we said 5 days. Hence she said that the pass would not be worth it anymore, since a trip would just averagely cost ~$1-1.5. So if we do the math, it would be just worth it to get the card for $12 which includes the card + credit of $7.
  3. OfO bike! A great experience using a bicycle sharing app for the first time and travelling around Singapore for food hunting. This is because the area is “too far to walk” but “too near to MRT” and “too expensive to Grab/Taxi”. The amount of bikes were clearly enough to go around.. But a tip would be the CHECK the condition of the bike BEFORE activating the bike itself! Because the app will charge you as soon as it detects you “unlocked” the bike. The rates are $0.50 per 30 mins of ride time. It’s pretty worth it if you ask me, compared to going to the same place by Grab for $6.



The bike’s success rate of functionality is around… 35%? So out of 20 bikes we walked/rode past, only 7 can be considered “safe” to ride on.

SOMETIMES if you’re lucky, there are some easter egg bikes that has a defect lock on them or have been modified, where you can ride for free. Weehoo.

Address: 2-4 Lorong 35 Geylang, Singapore 387936

This is by far the best BEST BEST duck rice and porridge I’ve ever had. And that says alot. The duck is so fresh and fleshy with a touch of awesome that it’s BONELESS. That’s because the bones are well used to make the broth/soup and also the base of the porridge. It was amazing. 10/10.


Address: 745 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389653

We wanted to get something sweet after a satisfying Duck meal, so we walked down the street and found this gem of “Taufu Fa” shop. As seen below, we had Honey Pearl Taufu Fa, Soy milk Drink and Fried Tofu Fries. The Taufu fa was really nice, fluffy and fresh. However, the drink was mediocre and too sweet for our likings. Whereas the fries were pretty good, but we were a bit too full at that point to really give an unbiased review on it. It was on a spicy side for us though, but we noob at the spicy. :p




6. Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh
Address: 208 Rangoon Road Hong Building, Singapore 218453

Finalleh, the final dinner for tonight! We went to the famous Singaporean BKT that serves their BKT as a white peppery soup, which is “only in SG” served. As a herbal BKT soup drinker, it was a shocking powerful pang of pepper in your mouth if this is your first time. Which was in the case of Jin, “so spicy” he said. Overall, it was a gooood meal, but not a favourite.



Jakun-ness of using the bike share app. xD

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Klebang Original Coconut Shake Review

Update: 10/9/18 – This is an old post on when I went to Melaka. Very sorry that it was left idle and unfinished. But I will just post a small post on the Klebang Original Coconut Shake. 😀

Hey guys, it’s been awhile! But at last! I have something worth posting! (Sorry about the cut short Japan trip! It was a bit too much work, TWO WEEKS of travelling was a bit hectic)

Klebang Original Coconut Shake

Address: 5, 75200 Klebang, Malacca

Can proudly say that. TUSAN Milkshake in Miri is actually better than the Klebang one. But the highlight on the one at Klebang is that you can actually taste the fresh coconut drink with the ice blended. (Unlike Tusan where they blend the ice cream with the coconut drink to make a smooth texture). The ice cream on top was a lovely refreshing feature that complements the drink. 😊

They also sell Kuih muih like Keropok lekor and packaged nasi lemak. Which all complements the

Price: RM2.70 (Super cheap!!!!)

Rating: 4/5




Magical Day 3!

If anyone of you know me wellll, you would totally know that I’m a sucker for theme parks! So Universal Studio Japan is a Hell Yeah On my to do list!

We got there about 10am in the morning, the subway station literally opens to the Universal City Walk. So it’s super easy to find.

We went there on a weekday and a slightly chilly day. So using my theme park gut, the crowd was really considered small. So I think that would be the best time to go to USJ! If you go on a weekday with no public holidays near by, I wouldn’t find it necessary to buy express pass. The main big attractions flying dinosaur and Hollywood dreams, Both have single riders lane! So please use that to get through the crowd in almost HALF the time!

It was a wonderful experience! Note to not go to all the shows here. Because it’s all in Japanese. So you wouldn’t understand it anyway. We had much fun! Worth it!


Travelogue: Day 2: Osaka Namba-Dotonburi

Day 2! So, we actually headed back to the airport. Kansai Airport Washington Hotel was actually a mistake on my part when I booked our Airbnb on the wrong dates. So our travels were a bit messy. But no matter! We manage to hop on a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport again. 

So we got back to the airport because we needed to settle our WiFi rental and catch the train (that we booked) to NAMBA where our Airbnb accommodation was at. 

Mum literally said: Go kids, picture. And we just walked there straight. I really think she bore us so that she could take embarrassing pictures of us like this.

Had our first Ramen at the airport. It was good, but the end part of the soup was super salty which wasn’t too good of an after taste. Found it strange to have a lemon in it, but the taste worked. Couldnt wait to be trying AWESOME ramen later in the day! The pork katsu curry looked AWESOME though.

We then took the train to NAMBA! Bought the train ticket + day pass for unlimited use of subways and buses. It only costed 1500yen for that deal per person, which I thought was a good deal. It took only 40 mins to Namba. And it was super on time. Very amazed that the rumors were all true about the timeliness of Japanese transportation. 

We took a few subway lines from Namba to Tanimachi where our Airbnb was at. The instructions of our accommodation was very spot on! So was super grateful for that. Traveling around Japan/Osaka is really not too hard when you have google maps! It’s super accurate and updated with the train times.

After settling down and taking a nice LONG nap. We headed to Doutonburi in search of a greaaaat meal day 2 night meal! The weather was hormonal though. When the wind picks up t can easily go dowwwwn to like 2degC. Especially during the night, chattered my teeth off. 

The street is literally filled with all sorts of restaurants and street food stalls. It’s like food haven there! Recommended area to get your ramen/takoyaki/grilled meat fix. The beef steaks especially Wagyu and Kobe cut meats are just mouth watering.

And this is just coming from some random restaurant with no queue outside. Can’t imagine the ones with a crazy long queue. Look at that sear and the perfectly marinated piece of art.

We also had the chance to line up for the best ramen in town. Ichiran Ramen. Recommended by my best friend. And it was a coool Japanese famous ramen shop experience. It was a personal cubicle dining style! First we queued up outside with a menu given to us to choose how we liked our ramen personalized, EG. Intensity of the soup, onions or no onions, spiciness level. We then were put into a room where we stared at lights that indicated whether the seat was vacant or full. Totally like some theme park ride! 

We then got put into those private dining space where it’s just your own personal eating area. But you can take down the partition la if you wanted to. 

The flavor of the ramen was really very rich and tasty. The pork was not fatty but just nice and soft. Really worth the wait. 

Super cool experience! Would totally be brave enough to eat alone in these settings. While lining up for the ramen (approx 30mins), we got the chance to order the best takoyaki in town too! 

Right that’s all for tonight! Off to USJ tomorrow! 


Travelogue: Day 1 – Osaka Kansai (10 Feb)


It’s been way too long since I’ve done a [Travel with Aly] blogpost! So this is going to be something new this time. I’ll be updating live on my travels everyday for the next 14 days!

The featuring country of these two weeks, as you all know from the title of the post: JAPAN!

0950 – 1215:

Flight from MYY to KUL on airasia. It wasn’t delayed, so that’s a good thing. A few things I learnt though. Apparently, if you’re traveling on a connecting international flight from Miri, you have to check in at the counter and not print the bag tag from the machine like everyone else. This is because they need to check your passport from Miri side, so make sense. ANOTHER THING. If you buy VALUE PACK from airasia, the FOOD CHOICES are default and the same for everyone in your party. The pasta Arrabita wasnt appetizing at all.

Miri Airport Food, overpriced.

1415 – 2030:

Flight to Osaka was pretty empty flight, which was nice 🙂 Think not many would take the afternoon flight because it really does waste practically the whole day! The in flight meals seemed pretty standard for airasia. Not much to comment about the flight because I slept through 75% of it..

Me playing around with my new toy


The immigration line for one is super long. According to peers, they did not experience an HOUR of waitline 😦 but maybe our fault for dilly dallying around taking pictures –

Was totally enjoying looking at Nintendo posters around

We made it through the immigration counter and the baggage collection with no problems (just the wait in line). 

FOOD. There are only 2 stores that are opened after 11pm. MCD and SUKIYA. So naturally we avoided MCD (for now) and went to some local-ish rice store (sukiya). It was my first ever raw egg dipping meat experience ever. Apparently it’s a thing to dip the meat into the raw egg like sauce and eat. It’s interesting… but not too much of it, scared my tummy would react. The beer was interestingly fresh tasting. Asahi at its best

Food was gooood. Probably to mediocre for Japanese standards, but good enough for this small town Miri girl like me!

Now, the time is 12am. This little Maiyor clan thought it was a great idea to get a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Boy, were we so wrong. In 1 hour, only 3 Taxi showed up. And then silence for the next hour. Tips for the rest, either book a taxi before hand. Or trust the bus system. Because it’s close to impossible to get a taxi at that hour 😦 but we made it!

Kansai Washington Airport Hotel:

SUPER PRICEY! One night for 5 of us, we booked 1 double room and 1 triple room. And it cost around 1.5k for ONE night. The rooms were also super tiny for a double room. The triple room had 2 beds and a couch. Despite calling it a triple room, it did not have all the necessities of a triple room etc, towels, blankets. But other than that it was a pretty clean and comfortable room for the price. Just note that their double room bed size is like SLIGHTLY bigger than a super single. So if you’re planning to share a double bed with a friend (2 girls maybe), it would an awkward size. 


Happy New Year!

Alyyphantee wishes all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2018!

Hope to all that 2017 has treated you well and wish for the best for 2018!

Honestly it has been the most challenging year for me and I’m very open to admit it. But I am determined to put the past behind me and steer forward. I can’t wait to look back and say, 2017 was really just a phase, what was I thinking?! 

2018 will be a year of pure me. It will be the year that I will be truly myself. No one will or can or should govern any of my decisions. So watch out world. The real Alyssa Maiyor is coming out to play. 

Once again, Happy New Year all 🙂 


Starting Over.

It’s almost the end of a tough year, 2017.

I feel like I’ve been through it all, Heartbreaks, New love, Breaking of Hearts, Being broken.

I’m way too good at Goodbyes.

Yes. It seems so narrow minded of me that I revolve my life with how I feel. But different people have different trigger points. Some get triggered by injustice in the world, and put their efforts around doing something about it. Some wants to find purpose in life, in their career and then doing something about it. Well, for me. When I’m in love, I do something about it. And it has been killing me since day 1 about it. 

But today, 27th Dec 2017. 4 days before 2018. I’ve decided to love no more. To let go. I’m not looking back, anymore. I have to promise myself that this is the end of the road for this feeling and this self pity. I have to be stronger and be my own person. Never again should I be doing things for that person and thinking that I’m totally okay as long as the person is happy. I am not happy. But I aspire to be truly happy. 

Readers must be thinking like, can you take this offline and write this in your own personal diary? Why do I have to pen this down for the world to see? Well because I want the world to be my witness and my strength to get over this. I don’t do well suffering alone. I render strength from loved ones, my friends. And all who loves me no matter what. I apologize to all who shows care and want me to rant to them about my problems. And be my personal cheerleader and throw hate crimes at the problem. I apologize because I don’t seem to show that I appreciate you guys enough. And would like to tell you that. You guys are my guardian angel. And I will do anything for you. 

Anyway, just to end today’s blog. I’d like to say a formal goodbye, to a past. And let it be a buried past. Goodluck with everything in life. 

And cheers to me starting over! 🥂🍻