Hi Guys!
Today I did a random food experiment with my boyfriend, Joy. It’s a dish that has our favourite components! Chicken thigh, Eggs and Onions! Joy and I love simple dishes that tastes awesome! Not very into the gourmet dishes. Comfortable to the stomach, and easy to prepare is the way to go for us! So I am just going to tell you a bit about how we prepared our Oyako-don dish!

Ingredients (serves 2):
200g Chicken thigh/breast (Thighs are always the best for a tenderness feel)
1 Onion (chopped)
2 Eggs
1 Spring Onions (chopped)
1 tablespoon Mirin (Japanese Rice Vinegar)
1 Tablespoon Soya Sauce
1 Chicken stock/Dashi stock (I used Chicken stock instead of the normal Dashi, but it tastes quite good anyway!)
Rice serving


1. Chop the chicken thigh into bite sized pieces.
2. Melt the stock with a bit of hot water on the pan on low heat.
3. Add Mirin and Soya Sauce into the heated pan with the melted stock (there might be clumps, but just keep stirring it until it completely melts.
4. Add the chicken pieces onto the pan
5. Add the chopped onions into the pan when the chicken is half cooked
6. Add the beaten eggs into the pan after the chicken and the onion are fully cooked (soft onions & cooked chicken)
7. Let the beaten eggs be half cooked, then move the pan off the hob. This is normally how Oyako-don is cooked, with runny egg, but if you prefer cooked egg, then just let the egg cook a bit longer.
8. Add the contents of the pan onto a bowl of rice
9. Add chopped Spring Onions to garnish!



Chicken thigh cooking on sauce broth

IMG_5430 copy

Chicken and broth with chopped onions

IMG_5433             IMG_5432
Finished Product! A bowl of Oyako-Don!

IMG_5434              IMG_5435
Oyako-Don in Big glass bowl for Joy! 😀 He was very content with the meal! Yes, that is his content look!

So guys, this is the first time I did this kind of “Cooking Directions” thing. The pictures are somewhat lacking. However, this is just a sharing of what I have been up to during my holiday!
Stay tuned for MORE random stuff! 😀


Pitch Perfect 2 Review

It’s tough to write a review about a movie without spoiling but here it goes!


I have never once heard so many Acappella jokes in my aca-life in one sitting. Guess what! Pitch Perfect did just that! It’s a slight continuation from the original Pitch Perfect movie in 2012. But Personally i feel that the quality of the story and the songs/mash-up did NOT degrade. As you can see in the trailers and the posters, there are many familiar faces in the movie! They all will make you laugh out loud in the cinemas! Note: There were NO holdback of jokes and funny scenes. The whole movie was a enjoyable watch and a tear jerker as well! Yes, you might think it is all fun and songs and singing, but the underlying story is also touching and the music would bring out emotions that you never think it would! It is a truly recommended watch. It’s like a glee movie, only with different characters and acappella groups come up on top!

Now for a brief storyline from Pitch Perfect 2 (May contain spoilers)

So it is an ensemble cast of women, all are still in college, are led by a very talented Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, and Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy. Hailey Steinfeld is a newcomer to the Bellas, which is college acappella group. She plays the central role of legacy, Emily Junk. As legacy, she will pull out a set of skills that Bellas would need. “Pitch Perfect 2” is loaded with song and dance as the Bellas attempt to win the world a cappella title. There were many surprise characters in there that you may recognise! But I will not spoil anything!


Shots of the main cast with the all so ridiculously funny movie director, Elizabeth Banks! I was so shocked that she was the director of the movie! (which I only just found out while sitting in the cinemas reading the credits) She did an excellent job pushing all the emotional buttons with music and life. Brilliant. Absolutely, brilliant.

Rating: 8/10


Random things

I have not disappeared after two post of blogging! So here I am back, feeling like a free woman from my 3 years of studying for a BEng Chemical Engineering degree! It’s a little overwhelming that fact that my journey of my Bachelor degree has come to an end. Just to think that, it’s been a long 3 years, learnt a lot about the course, about life, and about other people’s cultures on the way. And like everything, all has to come to an end. Now just waiting to get that scroll, and throw out hats around like a real graduate in July.

Since I have just been stuffing myself with words for my presentation, booze for after, BBQ to celebrate. Now it’s time of me to just show off my newest Minecraft conquest. I say it’s a conquest, because I have never done it by myself ever.

It is… *drumrolls*

Automated wheat farm

It is an Automated wheat farm! All you have to do, is click on the little button, and voila! All your wheat is harvested. Okay, okay.. I know everyone probably thinks that this is really easy to be done. It actually is! All it took was, creating pistons that are facing down the wheat farm. Then placing the redstones on top, connecting it to the button/lever. So with that connection, all the pistons will be activated from button.

I couldn’t expand on this further because our server got hacked and griefed by some italian hackers, then killed everyone and caused havoc everywhere! It was intense (according to Joy), so then my data is gone. Sad. Anyway, this is the Golem that we made. Wasn’t it cute?

TIl later! x

Ps. I will be doing a movie review on PITCH PERFECT 2 next, so stay tuned! ❤


Early Morning

Started off my day really early this morning.
Due to having work early in the morning at the Pop-up library at 7.45am to 10.15am! 2.5 hours of £7.28 pounds an hour pay. It’s bright an early in the morning for the Alyssa to be up, but I am earning money so I guess its worth it!
For all Newcastle University students seeking part-time jobs on campus. JOBSOC (Jobs On Campus) is the greatest service to apply for. Not only you will be paid £7.28 pounds an hour minimum, but the working hours can be catered to your term timetables. They only open their applications twice a year on the Newcastle University’s Vacancies Portal, https://careers.ncl.ac.uk/vacsonline/ . So keep a look out for their application opening, normally around Jan-Mar and Sept-Oct.

IMG_0644Basically, how JOBSOC works is that, you would be placed in a pool of students that are eligible to work during term time. All university staffs are able to employ temporary staffs to assist them in various activities via JOBSOC system. You will receive emails almost daily for job openings, and all you have to do is to inform them of your availability! Its as easy as that!

As an added bonus for being awake, I managed to send my bike in for a free check up and to fix my brakes at Dr Bike, SmarterToWork at the Student Union! So getting up early has its perks. I think the bike on the right (blocked by the security) that they were currently checking is mine. I believe that this service is very good and useful for students that sometimes are either too lazy or too busy to send their bikes for servicing. The location being in the heart of the Newcastle University Campus, at the Quad is great as well! Their aim is to create awareness in environmentally friendly daily transportation and also a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the name “Go Smarter To Work”.

Just an added information: They provide free bike check and minor fixing for FREE every Tuesday from around 8am to 3.30pm but only during term time. Just a note as well, they WILL be full by 10am, so better bring your bikes in before that time to avoid any disappointment.

Go Smart To Work

Their bike checks are very thorough, and if you know of a problem with your bike, it would be best for you to inform them beforehand. This would probably ease their workload on guessing the problems. CONCLUSION: Good service.

Hope that was an interesting read from me to you today!
Have a good night/afternoon/night! 🙂


Hello world!

Hi! I am Alyssa. This is me. Just before I get started with my ranting and sharing of my experiences, I would like to introduce myself to all readers.
As many you that have known me for blogging, and have been following me all these years, I have in total of now 5 blogs. All of which, died before it took off. But this is not going to happen this time! I promise! It’s a hobby that I am going to undertake that may or may not surpass my love of gaming and watching tv shows.

How it all started:
It all started when my family gave me this book :-

Jacqueline Wilson Diary 2004

The fact that It looked really pretty is what made me enjoy writing in it. I was 11? This book is what inspired me to writing things everyday. Inside, it had slots in it to record my daily life about anything I want. And from then on, my diary writing days soared off. I currently have 5 books worth of personal writing. Which I wish that I was able to continue the tradition of writing in a book. But I guess with technologies these days, blogging seems like a good way to replace diary writing. Except it wouldn’t be private. To be honest, I don’t have to keep many secrets anymore. I have the best friend I could ever ask for in the world, someone I can always confide in everyday.. (psst. yes it’s my boyfriend) So I wouldn’t have the need to keep a private diary anymore.

Anyway, Just to sum me up:
– Love to write
– Love to learn
– Love to game
– Love to watch tv shows!