Hello world!

Hi! I am Alyssa. This is me. Just before I get started with my ranting and sharing of my experiences, I would like to introduce myself to all readers.
As many you that have known me for blogging, and have been following me all these years, I have in total of now 5 blogs. All of which, died before it took off. But this is not going to happen this time! I promise! It’s a hobby that I am going to undertake that may or may not surpass my love of gaming and watching tv shows.

How it all started:
It all started when my family gave me this book :-

Jacqueline Wilson Diary 2004

The fact that It looked really pretty is what made me enjoy writing in it. I was 11? This book is what inspired me to writing things everyday. Inside, it had slots in it to record my daily life about anything I want. And from then on, my diary writing days soared off. I currently have 5 books worth of personal writing. Which I wish that I was able to continue the tradition of writing in a book. But I guess with technologies these days, blogging seems like a good way to replace diary writing. Except it wouldn’t be private. To be honest, I don’t have to keep many secrets anymore. I have the best friend I could ever ask for in the world, someone I can always confide in everyday.. (psst. yes it’s my boyfriend) So I wouldn’t have the need to keep a private diary anymore.

Anyway, Just to sum me up:
– Love to write
– Love to learn
– Love to game
– Love to watch tv shows!


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