Early Morning

Started off my day really early this morning.
Due to having work early in the morning at the Pop-up library at 7.45am to 10.15am! 2.5 hours of £7.28 pounds an hour pay. It’s bright an early in the morning for the Alyssa to be up, but I am earning money so I guess its worth it!
For all Newcastle University students seeking part-time jobs on campus. JOBSOC (Jobs On Campus) is the greatest service to apply for. Not only you will be paid £7.28 pounds an hour minimum, but the working hours can be catered to your term timetables. They only open their applications twice a year on the Newcastle University’s Vacancies Portal, https://careers.ncl.ac.uk/vacsonline/ . So keep a look out for their application opening, normally around Jan-Mar and Sept-Oct.

IMG_0644Basically, how JOBSOC works is that, you would be placed in a pool of students that are eligible to work during term time. All university staffs are able to employ temporary staffs to assist them in various activities via JOBSOC system. You will receive emails almost daily for job openings, and all you have to do is to inform them of your availability! Its as easy as that!

As an added bonus for being awake, I managed to send my bike in for a free check up and to fix my brakes at Dr Bike, SmarterToWork at the Student Union! So getting up early has its perks. I think the bike on the right (blocked by the security) that they were currently checking is mine. I believe that this service is very good and useful for students that sometimes are either too lazy or too busy to send their bikes for servicing. The location being in the heart of the Newcastle University Campus, at the Quad is great as well! Their aim is to create awareness in environmentally friendly daily transportation and also a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the name “Go Smarter To Work”.

Just an added information: They provide free bike check and minor fixing for FREE every Tuesday from around 8am to 3.30pm but only during term time. Just a note as well, they WILL be full by 10am, so better bring your bikes in before that time to avoid any disappointment.

Go Smart To Work

Their bike checks are very thorough, and if you know of a problem with your bike, it would be best for you to inform them beforehand. This would probably ease their workload on guessing the problems. CONCLUSION: Good service.

Hope that was an interesting read from me to you today!
Have a good night/afternoon/night! 🙂

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