Random things

I have not disappeared after two post of blogging! So here I am back, feeling like a free woman from my 3 years of studying for a BEng Chemical Engineering degree! It’s a little overwhelming that fact that my journey of my Bachelor degree has come to an end. Just to think that, it’s been a long 3 years, learnt a lot about the course, about life, and about other people’s cultures on the way. And like everything, all has to come to an end. Now just waiting to get that scroll, and throw out hats around like a real graduate in July.

Since I have just been stuffing myself with words for my presentation, booze for after, BBQ to celebrate. Now it’s time of me to just show off my newest Minecraft conquest. I say it’s a conquest, because I have never done it by myself ever.

It is… *drumrolls*

Automated wheat farm

It is an Automated wheat farm! All you have to do, is click on the little button, and voila! All your wheat is harvested. Okay, okay.. I know everyone probably thinks that this is really easy to be done. It actually is! All it took was, creating pistons that are facing down the wheat farm. Then placing the redstones on top, connecting it to the button/lever. So with that connection, all the pistons will be activated from button.

I couldn’t expand on this further because our server got hacked and griefed by some italian hackers, then killed everyone and caused havoc everywhere! It was intense (according to Joy), so then my data is gone. Sad. Anyway, this is the Golem that we made. Wasn’t it cute?

TIl later! x

Ps. I will be doing a movie review on PITCH PERFECT 2 next, so stay tuned! ❤


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