Pitch Perfect 2 Review

It’s tough to write a review about a movie without spoiling but here it goes!


I have never once heard so many Acappella jokes in my aca-life in one sitting. Guess what! Pitch Perfect did just that! It’s a slight continuation from the original Pitch Perfect movie in 2012. But Personally i feel that the quality of the story and the songs/mash-up did NOT degrade. As you can see in the trailers and the posters, there are many familiar faces in the movie! They all will make you laugh out loud in the cinemas! Note: There were NO holdback of jokes and funny scenes. The whole movie was a enjoyable watch and a tear jerker as well! Yes, you might think it is all fun and songs and singing, but the underlying story is also touching and the music would bring out emotions that you never think it would! It is a truly recommended watch. It’s like a glee movie, only with different characters and acappella groups come up on top!

Now for a brief storyline from Pitch Perfect 2 (May contain spoilers)

So it is an ensemble cast of women, all are still in college, are led by a very talented Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, and Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy. Hailey Steinfeld is a newcomer to the Bellas, which is college acappella group. She plays the central role of legacy, Emily Junk. As legacy, she will pull out a set of skills that Bellas would need. “Pitch Perfect 2” is loaded with song and dance as the Bellas attempt to win the world a cappella title. There were many surprise characters in there that you may recognise! But I will not spoil anything!


Shots of the main cast with the all so ridiculously funny movie director, Elizabeth Banks! I was so shocked that she was the director of the movie! (which I only just found out while sitting in the cinemas reading the credits) She did an excellent job pushing all the emotional buttons with music and life. Brilliant. Absolutely, brilliant.

Rating: 8/10

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