Desing Group.

This is a post dedicated to my Design group mates in celebration of finishing our Bachelor’s Degree! The thought about actually being finished with my degree is crazy. After half a year of designing Microalgae Biorefinery Plant from scratch has been a whirlwind of stress and tasking. However, our team pulled it through without a scratch! We worked so well together that it actually made us proud. We learnt to understand, played to each other’s strengths, and timed ourselves well. We always set targets that are almost half a week before the deadline so we had leeway to find mistakes and edits. Well, we made it through and got quite a good grade I must say. I wish all of them good luck in their future plans! I will be in a different course from them next year, so won’t be seeing them as often anymore.

Not the best shot of us! But this is when we finished proof reading OUT LOUD for 12 hours straight at a lecture theatre of a 200 paged report. It was a hell of a day. And this was a day before the deadline.

11351426_10153887778194325_705248951_nTo briefly introduce you to them, starting from the left: Daniel, Catherine, Ziyad and Zern!
I wish i was in the picture, but there always have to be a photographer of this awesome window shot. This was when we spent 9 hours preparing and practicing for our 25 minutes presentation the next day.

11270123_10153887778189325_1243421473_n copyFormal attire for the Milestone 4 presentation! Fun Fact: Our group is called the Desing Group, this was because one of our member (Shall not name who :p), spelt “design” wrong on our Facebook group on the first day, and we have never changed it ever since.
Screenshot 2015-06-01 20.08.54
Thats my proof of the mistake, and it has never changed. Note there is a photoshopped Ziyad’s head in the photo because he didn’t open his eyes for the other one which zern preferred. So, his punishment? Head transplant.
11291221_10153887778149325_973265041_n copy

11301425_10153887778159325_1891630860_nAfter the whole finals design project was done, we went to Quilliam Brothers for lunch and tea.
Quote Ziyad: “I will have.. tea…”, what tea?? “errrrr, green, green tea” (Inside joke)
11039247_10153861076689325_5362850526040160544_n copy
And even after the whole thing was over, a week later, we made it a point to bring the never before drank bubble tea peeps to have their FIRST bubble tea! Which I hope they enjoyed 😛

In hindsight from this year’s experience with this wonderful bunch, it has been a great pleasure to have worked with them. Glad they put up with my lateness/laziness at times (;P), and thought my inputs were actually sometimes smart. I will apologise if I have done anything to make anyone unhappy or if I have done any other that is unsatisfactory. It has been a long run. I will miss you all. :’) Love is a strong word, but I DO love you guys to bits! See you all in the future I hope! ❤

Ps. We made bioethanol and methane from Waste water Microalgaes, if anyone is actually interested at how we managed it, feel free to comment below!

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