End of Chemical Engineering Degree Celebrations!

So, I had a dedication post specifically for my design group, now this is for the celebration I had with the closer bunch of Chemical Engineering course mates that I’ve known since the start of the course. Some of them I only grew close during the end of the year. It was a shame that we hadn’t known each other better during the three years, but I am glad we made an effort to get to know each other at least at the end of the course (which is better than nothing!). Because of the sudden close knit of friends, we are able to celebrate in the best method yet! *Asian Style* EAT-EAT-EAT! The celebration started with a BBQ at a friend’s PENTHOUSE, over looking the TYNE RIVER (how awesome is that?).

LOOOOOOK at how huge the half chicken that my friends served us! Completely marinated with this best spices!
Way better than Nandos and any other franchises of grilled chicken! It was perfectly charred and cooked. It was great! Thanks, you know who you are!

The perfectly charred grilled half chicken BBQ overlooking a great view. Who can ask for more than a relaxation like this? It was a lovely evening with friends. A bottle of non alcoholic “Barbican” just to top the evening.
11147573_1046849645343147_2762248288725387798_n copy
The company of the BBQ was the best of the evening though! My Chem-Eng course mates!
Celebration will NOT be complete without a nice outing! 🙂
Next afternoon we met again for another round of “party”. This time we were lucky enough to attend a music festival at Leazes Park! Thus, a great continuation of celebration.
11304458_10153887778204325_581645200_n copy
Punjabi MC was here! The indian groove was on! Was in a damn chill zone laying in the sun with the pals 🙂
Yes, a mandatory selfie laying on the grass. Happy that there is a bright blue sky above me. You can see it through my eyes.
Part 3 of celebration: Outing to North Shield to get some seafood! The Fish Quay was slightly disappointing in terms of range of seafood. I think the main Fish Quay market closed down quite some time, so the shops left were just leftovers. The fish did look nice and fresh though. BUT, it wasn’t cooked… right….

11351482_10153887778154325_978789214_n-2Look how great the fish looked!
11351462_10153887778169325_1829503331_n copy
Okay, this was the first mistake we did. We BBQ-ed fresh fish. It wasn’t the smartest idea we had as future chemical engineering degree holders. The cooked fish got stuck onto the grill, and the end product was not as promising as we thought. It was disappointing. BUT.

The company was the best part of the day! Live life with no regrets! (except maybe regret going to North Shield for seafood, but Sunderland instead) OH, We also had WONDERFUL Thai Chilli Sauce from our beloved Thai course-mate, Zern. She does great food! You can check her out on her FOOD Blog www.zernskitchen.com! I will be featuring her products in my future blogs! So stay tuned.

11046677_10153628921749325_5407073730488576692_n      1534333_10153203587543729_3703406681195581133_n

A great ending to the degree. Love these kids to bits! Let us hope for the best for our future! And never to forget to keep in contact! ❤


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