Live below the Line Challenge!

Hey everybody!
For the summer break, Joy and I have decided to start a live below the line challenge. 1.2 Billion around our planet live in extreme poverty. That’s almost 20% of the world’s population who live off £1 for food & drink, as well as housing, education, health and all the other necessities most of us take for granted. So by taking part in Live Below the Line, we are drawing attention to the lack of choice and opportunity faced by 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty. With only 1 pound a day to spend, we will truly be challenged to make choices and sacrifices in our daily living just to learn to appreciate.

So to start, we planned our budget on an excel sheet with daily meal plans to keep track of our intake:

Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.26.40



So in the receipt, the rice and eggs were included as we bought them awhile before that. So the total amount is on the spreadsheet.
Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.28.24

This is the daily meal plan i made for us with the food we bought. There were some changes as we changed tuna chunks into an extra sardines, because we thought the tuna was a bit too luxurious (needed more meatballs)!

Meal 1 (Dinner)

We had baked chicken wings, broccoli, fried egg with rice! Our 1 pound was spent on this dinner as we only have one meal today. It was a great variety of food types. We had rice for carbs, chicken wings and eggs for proteins, then topping it off with broccoli as a green source.
IMG_5477                                   IMG_5479 IMG_5478



Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.33.05

So for this meal, we had used roughly only 81p per person, which was great! Judging from the size of the meal, Joy and I enjoyed it!

Daily Conclusions:

A: The meal really well made, but with help of sauces and salt. We weren’t able to avoid spicing up the dishes which slightly extra cost. However, we calculated the amount we used, in relative to the actual condiments we would buy “in bulk”. It did go under the budget! Mostly full of carbs (rice) for this meal. So full! 😀

J: We allowed ourselves to use soy sauce, salt and oil because it is only realistic this way. These cooking accessories can’t be used up in 4/5 days so we decided to use and estimate some cost into them. If we had done this challenge for a much longer period, buying them whole would actually count. So yeah, I feel our use of spices and soy sauce is justified. The food itself didn’t feel different from my everyday cooking, as in it is as delicious and as easy to make haha. The coming days though might not be as easy as we spent almost a pound for just dinner!

Just to end with a lighter note:

IMG_5468After a mere 15 mins, “I want biscuits”

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