Day 2!

So this is day 2 of the Live below the Line challenge!
This was our meal plan as follows:


We shared a banana each and had our leftover used tea bags for our supper the night before as our form of hot beverage.


Joy had to go to Uni to do his research, so we woke up early to prepare lunch for us both. So we had sardine and boiled egg sandwiches.


As you can see, I am still asleep. This is at 10am. I normally wake up at 1pm.

Savouring every bit of sauce to spread on the healthy wholemeal bread. We couldn’t afford the nice tasting white bread as it was 5p extra cost. *Sigh*


The egg was boiled perfectly! With the yolk in the middle not being overcooked!IMG_5490

So this is a person’s share of the sandwiches. We both had 1 and a half sandwich each. Just to perfectly share out the sardines and eggs within the sandwich.


Had Spaghetti with canned meatballs and tomato sauce with broccoli as greens.


We didn’t waste any broccoli! Even the stalk of the broccoli was used. To be fair, it is my favourite part anyway!

This meatball and tomato sauce can had quite a lot of meatballs in it! Quite happy!


Meal for 2 Spaghetti and meatballs! We used half a pack of spaghetti in total.

Screenshot 2015-06-15 23.17.10

We stretched that 1 pound today! :S

Conclusion of the day:

J: There was no chicken luxury today and hunger actually had stricken us.. Sardine was fine but dinner is not recommendable. Although we will not give up to the nice food smells of the street!! At the end of the day we used the leftover few pennies for 5 biscuits (we did calculate and it is still under £1). I appreciate it so much more than I normally do :S

A: It was tough today! I was really contemplating sleeping most of the afternoon because I was afraid of the hunger that might strike when I’m done with lunch. The sardine sandwiches wasn’t very attractive to eat at all. So ended up eating each half every hour. But, we had to go out to the city today to run some errands and man… the smell of food. If it was any normal day, we would get anything we wanted off the streets stalls to eat just for the sake of mouth being itchy. But it wasn’t a normal day, so we had to avoid window shopping and go straight home! So glad that the pasta meal was filling. Loads of carbs! Snacking is a real problem. Resisting is painful.

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