Day 3~

Hey everybody! This is the third day of our 5 day challenge in living below the line! Basically, we challenged ourselves to spend under 1 pound a day for food and drinks. This is our progress check of the day:


We had sardine sandwiches, banana and half boiled eggs. We didn’t wake up for breakfast today. So we had the banana for lunch instead. We just thought that the sardine taste was overpowering the eggs, so we ate it separately.


Sardine Sandwiches! 3 sandwiches for 2.


It wasn’t meant to be half boiled eggs, but somehow, the eggs weren’t cooked long enough. Which was weird because its the same timing as before. It may be because egg not as fresh anymore (?).


We were extra hungry today for dinner. Reason is that we played a full 2 hour session of badminton today! The sandwiches is definitely not enough for us for a full day of sports. Furthermore, we couldn’t get any cold, sweet drinks for after the exercise. We could only have cold water from the dispenser at the sports centre, which helped.

Anyway, dinner was lovely. Very similar to the dinner we had on the first night! Baked chicken wings with boiled broccoli, topped with a fried egg. As a carb filler tonight, we had rice. Lots and lots of rice.


The plate is filled to the brim with rice!

This beautiful fried egg costs 4 supper biscuits each for me and Joy. We were contemplating if we should have the egg in exchange for supper biscuits. We chose the eggs. At the present time, it was regretful.

Screenshot 2015-06-16 22.45.09

Daily Conclusions:

A: Lunch was to me, not nice at all. I just felt that canned sardines with bread does not fit well at all. However, it was the only lunch I was getting, so i had to eat as much as I could to be full. But because it didn’t settle in my stomach well, I could only muster 1 sandwich, then giving the rest to Joy. Made me think, for people less fortunate, there is no choice in what they can afford to eat and if push comes a shove, that sandwich may be the best sandwich of their life. :X The badminton today was a energy drainer. I was thinking of showering myself with coke the whole time I was playing. It was slightly torturous. I told myself, not everyone has the luxury of even cheap soft drinks when they are out in the sun the whole day, working and stuff. So I had to grit my teeth to finish the challenge, and gulp down the cold water. DINNER was a lifesaver. Happily full.

J: Even though I’m ok with lower quality food, the restriction on snacking is kind of killing me. Without doing this challenge I wouldn’t admit how much snacks I actually survive on! Chicken today was awesome still; would be awesome-r if I could have more wings.. Everyday we really spend to the fullest £1 – at night we finish the last couple of pennies with pieces of cookies. So many times we almost gave up today because we went to play badminton and I even cleaned my room a bit. Huge calories loss :S But I guess this is the point. Poverty must feel even worse.


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