Day 4! The challenge Finale!!

So it has come to an end. The final lap of the 1 pound a day challenge! The original challenge is meant to be a 5 day challenge, but we are heading of the Newquay tomorrow! So we had to cut short our challenge! Well, I think we survived quite well and got the message of the less fortunate etched onto our stomach. A higher appreciation went to what we can get so easily everyday for granted.


We started our day with a 1am. This is of just plain baked chicken wings! We wanted to change our body clock back to a normal time (instead of sleeping at 4am then waking up at 2pm), so we stayed up all night. However failing to keep awake, as we both slept at 7am and woke up at around 1, in time for lunch.

We tried to make some sort of dessert from the money left from the day before. So this is what we ended up with…

IMG_5499A literal ICE tea. xD

IMG_5500We thought of iced tea. Then Joy had an adventurous idea just to FREEZE the ice, hoping to make some sort of ice popsicle. It was lovely. It tastes like plain tea, but with a chilling sensation!


Remember when I said that I can’t tolerate another day of sardine sandwiches? We changed it a bit. It was a lovely sardine porridge meal. Added was spring onions that were forgotten in the fridge a week ago. So we assumed it was free. This little addition made our porridge less bland and filling.


Canned Sardine with plain porridge topped with spring onions.


Dinner was very similar to the one we had a night ago. Its with the spaghetti and meatballs. It tastes really bland as the tinned meatballs don’t have much taste on it. But it was satisfying. The thought of having something in the stomach is enough to be satisfied at this point.


I actually counted how many meatballs there are to split it evenly. (There are 16 meatballs, 10 for Joy and 6 for me)


Last 1 pound a day meal for both of us! Filling as usual.

Daily Conclusion:

J: Really glad this is coming to an end. The hardship of limited amount and quality of food is not nice at all, and I appreciate that some unfortunate people have to suffer this for extended period of time. As a conclusion to the challenge I guess I have been well reminded of not wasting any bit of food as my parents have always taught me since very young. I’m very thankful of what I can normally have, and think a lot more people need to learn the same. It is a good challenge to go around the world and I think people should do it like the ALS ice bucket challenge!

A: I woke up in the morning knowing that this was the last day and concluded the fact that the lack of choices, and luxury tasting items is really a blessing to be able to have it as easy as paying paper money or swiping a card. It gave me a whole different perspective to life in general. No wastage of food and appreciating what we have is what I got from this challenge! Hunger is not a disease, so it doesn’t sound like its causing much effect on your social media. But TRY this challenge. You feel that hunger is the worst common disease ever.

ANYWAY! The challenge is complete! Hope that this blog entertained you, and opened your eyes about poverty and hunger around the world. So head over to the website to read about how you can help! Helping is extremely easy. It doesn’t necessarily mean to donate, but you can always find a way to raise an awareness (Like what we did!). It was a great experience!

Any challenges that you challenge us to do? Comment below!

Til next time! ❤


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