Summer Weekend away at Newquay, Cornwall England – Part 2

Thought that there was too many things to write about my travel adventure so I had to split it to two parts! So this is a continuation.

Sorry for a week’s delay! Have been caught up with gaming and transition moving back to Newcastle from Bristol! (Back to home ground yo!) So lets continue~

Fistral Beach and BBQ:

The most famous and a must-go-to beach, is called the Fistral beach. If I knew how to surf, this would be the perfect beach to surf. It has ledges where people would just bring their portable BBQ sets and have a BBQ! Which is exactly what we did! During working hours, there are a few shops and restaurants just at the side of the beach which is convenient! You can chill on the clean beach and watch the late sunset! It does get cold at night. So beware of that!

Beach Newquay Beach Newquay Beach Newquay Beach Newquay Beach Newquay
Had a great weekend away, and don’t waste the sunlight in your apartment or rooms! Get out in the sun, let in the sea breeze and soak up in sun rays! WEAR SUNBLOCK! Do not underestimate the sun in the UK! They burn.. My currently still peeling skin says in all.

Newquay Zoo

Yes, I am going to record my lovely time at the Zoo here too. It was a lovely relaxing day at the zoo really. The day we chose to go to the zoo was coincidentally a very foggy day, so the beach wouldn’t have been a great idea as it would be cold. So the zoo was a good decision to find something to do in Newquay. I would comment that it may not be a very exciting place for most people. But in the future, I would love to bring my kids here and to learn more about animals. Moreover, I love the zoo. I know people are against zoos as they are keeping the animals captive and against their will. However, I beg to differ. Most animals are kept in habitats that are as close to their normal habitats. Taking care of them, and feeding them. Some may argue that caged beasts will lose their natural instinct. I would say it is for education and zoos do their best to keep the animals in their natural environment. For example, in Newquay Zoo they starve them for 2 consecutive days as that is how often they would hunt, and their ring-tailed lemur is fed vegetables instead of an all favourite fruit diet to limit their fat intake. Anyway! Pictures speaks louder than words!

IMG_5678 IMG_5677 IMG_5680

This is one of my favourite section. The free flying bird area. Somehow, all the types of cute birds don’t fly away from their house. They just seem to know where to fly and where not to fly. Sadly, they wouldn’t interact with people but they always seem so busy in there!

IMG_5695 IMG_5693 IMG_5691 IMG_5690 IMG_5687 IMG_5685

Now this section is probably Joy’s favourite. The goat petting! These goats were really well behaved. But they are so used to people petting them, that they would quietly just come towards you and bend their heads down. Except the younger looking one. He’s a just being a goat, and softly butts you if you touch his horn. Cheeky little fella.

IMG_5698 IMG_5700 IMG_5699

I didn’t take pictures of ALL the animals. But just the ones that I can actually take good pictures of. So this is a peacock. They are free to roam in this zoo. So getting close to one is pretty cool!

IMG_5682 chicken

So are these chickens! Look at all the details on it. Thought they looked amazing.

IMG_5711   IMG_5705  IMG_5707

Random Animals spotted in the Zoo! 😀
Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at pictures of animals! I am quite rushed with this post, as I actually want to start on a new post! So kinda want to get this one out of the way! Anyway, have a nice day! 🙂