Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review

I was pretty excited when watching the first Maze Runner movie! So I was pretty excited for the second!

So, just to recap on the Maze Runner first movie:
Basically, the boys were trapped in a foreign land with no memories of their past apart from their names. Surrounding them is a huge Maze that opens and closes everyday in the morning and then in the evening. So feeling they were trapped, they have ‘runners’ that travelled through the maze looking for a way out. They made a system of life while they were trapped in that land, which weekly rations of food given to them via an elevator. So one day, a boy named Thomas came into the world. But he was different from the rest of the boys. He was curious, and very determined to leave this place. He rather choose to risk his life being in the maze instead of staying back and living a normal/abnormal life. Because of him, they did manage to figure out a way out. Only to be confused with the events following. At the end of the movie, it is seen that WCKD’s leader has been killed and the boys were saved by helicopter by some men hurriedly.


Maze Runner Movie Poster

I am not a total fan of the movie poster they made. Sorry

Anyway! Back to the review.

I have to comment that you HAVE to watch the first Maze Runner movie before you watch the sequel. There are almost NO recap on the events from the previous film. It really just picks up from where the first movie left off. Which is like in the helicopter! So for those who think that they can just watch the second movie of the Maze Runner franchise without watching the first movie, I would suggest not to do that. You would spend probably the whole movie wondering what is going on. For those who did do a mental recap before you go into watching the sequel, it may be more timesaving for it to be having no recaps at all.

There were many newcomers in the movie that you wonder whether remembering their faces or what they do in the movie is of any importance remembering at all. But you would be personally glad that the main cast are still alive and well probably all through the franchise. Which is great, unlike some franchise that kills off your favourite characters right in the middle and probably leave the main character alive and well but suffering from losing his/her mates. I half hoped that there would have been more character growth on other characters instead of just Thomas in the second movie. But there were a few good moments for all your favourite characters in there though! So it was great.

The storyline of The Scorch Trials was a bit messy. It was even more vague about the situation of the story than the first movie. But at least for the first movie, there was a clear goal in mind (Getting out of the Maze). The sequel however, lacked that goal. It felt that they made “running” a main aspect of this movie. So i felt the running was overused and more explanation of the environment and the creation of the post apocalyptic world they have created would have made it much much better. The jump scares in the movie of zombies did give a shock to the audience though! I think most of the audience did not anticipate jump scares from a PG-13 movie. So that kept the movie watchers on their toes and excited. Other than that, I really would have appreciated more explanation of the story. This movie probably did well catering for the book-readers, but for the non-book readers like me, It would be very hard for me to keep up with the story.

I really kept expressing my disappointment of the story development the producers failed to express BECAUSE I believe that the story line has great potential! Because of the vagueness of the story, it gives the audience a great deal of anticipation. Like they have no idea what could happen next, which is a great value for the movie. However, the franchise would do much better if it does explain more. Like they say for all movie makers: ” For every question you raise, answer 2 more questions”, like a sweet to sour ratio of a movie.

Other than THAT, I enjoyed all the actions of the movie, I really enjoyed the concept as well. I will not spoil too much of the movie, because I still do recommend a watch if you are interested in these Post Apocalyptic with young adults saving the world thing, which I enjoy. There will be many twists and turns that you would not expect, so be ready for it! And I have already warned you about the jump scares! So Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I would classify this as a good movie, and I am very excited for the next sequel~

Rating: 7/10