Battle Shots!

So my blog as been on a monthly stand-still nowadays. But that is about to change! This is going to be a weekly post from NOW on. Daily is too much for me and to think of new content. However, monthly is too long of a stretch without blogging. To be fair, the days goes past much quickly now that Uni has started. It’s just weekly of catching up with work, exercise classes and then relaxing after a long day!

Back to TOPIC!
HAVE you ever had times where you just want to chill with your best friend with drinks but sometimes get too awkward just talking between the two of you the whole night? Well that is going to change! Introducing a really casual game that does not require much preparation, much booze, and much time to prepare!

So the game is called BATTLESHOTS! (DIY edition) You can buy it online premade, but who’s going to spend that kinda money, really.

Things you would need:
1. 2 pieces of paper
2. 1 Marker pen
3. Ruler
4. 2 Pencils

First you prepare a 5 by 5 table as the “map” of both teams. (Note that i say teams, if you have more than 2 people in the room, they can be involved too. Just have to increase the stakes :p)

Rule is:

  1. Preparation of battle: Sit from your opponent facing each other. Prop a tall book/cardboard between your maps so that neither of you can see each other’s maps.

    Battle shots coordinates

  2. Secretly arrange your “ships”:
    > Draw 2 [3 spaced] cargo ships, 2 [2 spaced] battleship and 1 [1 spaced] submarines
    > Signal your opponent that you are ready to begin once all the ships are drawn (in pencil).

    Battle Shots Coordinates

  3. Flip a coin. Determine whether heads or tails designates who plays the first turn.

  4. Call your shot.
     > On your turn, call out the coordinates where you believe your opponent has positioned one of their ships. (example- A5)

    >To track their, mark your coordinate map with mini X’s where a target is hit and mini O’s where a target is missed.

    Battle shot coordinates

  5. Handle a hit.  Mark your coordinate map with a BIG X where you have hit your target-your opponent’s BattleShot ship. Your opponent must drink a shot.
  6. Handle a miss. Using a dry erase marker, mark your coordinate map with a BIG O where you have missed your target. This will keep you from guessing the same location twice.
    Battle Shots Coordinates
  7. Sink all your opponent’s BattleShots to win. The loser must consume all remaining unsunk BattleShots.

Additional rules:

  • If you successfully sink any of the ships, your opponent has to take another extra shot or a heavier concoction of drinks.
  • If any one of you miss, you have to take a shot.

Cheers now! x

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