Halloween Part 2!

Hi! So last week, I posted about my night out as Black Swan for my Halloween in Newcastle.

Then the next day (hungover-ly) took a flight to Bristol to be with my Boyfriend for Halloween! Just to get a taster of the Halloween in Bristol!

We were dressed as the famous “couple” in the Studio Ghibli world. Chihiro and No Face ghost from Spirited Away!!

Spirited Away studio ghibli picture chihiro no face

Spirited Away Chihiro Sen

Joy thought of this idea when picking his costume for halloween! We know it’s an anime and it probably doesn’t fit the “white people’s” Halloween tradition of ghosts, witches and zombies. BUT, for people who appreciates Hayao Miyazaki’s work of bringing the spirits and humans together, it TOTALLY fits the theme of the night.

For all who doesn’t know this movie, PLEASE watch it! It is definitely NOT a typical Anime and the music is beautiful as well.

I managed to get the Chihiro costume online for 23 pounds! I know it’s a tad bit expensive, but it is definitely going to be on my list of “worth it” purchases. Plus, it will be my last official halloween in the UK as a student. So i thought it was a good buy.

Chihiro Amazon Spirited Away Chihiro Amazon Spirited Away

I got a small, and it fits me pretty well! You will see the picture of me in it below. Sadly I didn’t get a solo shot because Joy was in costume so it wasn’t very easy for him to manoeuvre himself.

thumb_IMG_0887_1024 thumb_IMG_0884_1024

For Joy’s costume, it was handmade!
He used a aluminium plate (the one used for bbq’s) as the base of the mask. He taped the mask to his cap (GENIUS), and wore the cap on backwards so that the mask would stay on his head. He then bought fabric cloth of around 4 meters and then sewed it up. He cut 2 holes for his hands to come out. So Voila! No face!

No face Spirited Away

We were suppose to buy the gloves for his costume online, but it didn’t come on time! Sad face. So we had to make his gloves. I made a sucky glove. So he used the one he made himself. I am really bad at crafts. Joy on the other hand is amazing at it…..


The no face costume in the room creeps me out….


Anyway, we spend the night walking around the streets of Bristol in our costumes, and offering children chocolate coins. (I still can’t believe they would take chocolate from us!) Some people recognises us from the movie, but others would just think that Joy was a really creepy ghost. We got our pictures taken around the streets, which was fun. I walked around like a Japanese character, straight-back and small steps, while no-face walks behind me. It was pretty cool. I think the BEST and EPIC part of the night was when Joy was playing with a drunk guy through the window. Not only that, he PAID him 1 pound for his “entertainment”. We wouldn’t have taken his money if we knew he was giving it. But we only realised after he left! So it was really funny.

You can watch the video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/9iwHErAkFW/?taken-by=alyyphantee 

Anyway, the night was great! Experience of trick or treating during Halloween, Check! I would like to go Halloween in the US, because I have always watched on tv that they do Halloween pretty well :p

Halloween no face



Thats all for this week folks! See ya!


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