Deadpool Movie Review

Hi guys! I know it’s been once again, WAY TOO LONG. I guess I would just blame myself for that. I haven’t been looking out for interesting content to share with you guys, which is such a shame. So I watched Deadpool with my boyfriend last weekend, which is the valentine weekend. It wasn’t a very VALENTINE-y movie to watch, but after all the trailers for deadpool advertising that it’s coming out on Valentines, so might as well go for it! Its Marvel after all! *Marvel Fan here*


I find these posters really amusing. I have never read a deadpool comic before, hence the surprise I had at the obscene posters. I am quite sure that people who read the comics knew that this character is not a typical “superhero”, but I hadn’t! So it was a really fresh take on super heroes. Deadpool actually gave superheroes a “human” trait to them.


See, this is the poster I was talking about! How often is it that a movie poster to be so simplistic yet hilarious at the same time. Honestly, these kind of posters would attract me to watch more than the ones with some really insightful movie snippet.

Anyway, back to the review:

It is a strikingly violent, and full of irony and stinging gags that would be enjoyed by ages 15 and above, i would suggest. Trust me, under the age of that, this movie would be deemed inappropriate to watch. It was an interesting film for me by Ryan Reynolds, as I personally have never seen him acting down right crazy and crude. It is a great Anti-Hero Marvel movie. A nice breather from the all heroic Marvel movies that don’t surprise you all so much.

The movie even began with a spoof of the lineup in the credits, displaying nobody’s names but just “stereotypes” like “British Villain”. It was a great beginning of a dangerous ride down this movie. Dead pool is a mutant assassin with a smart mouth, high combat capability and healing abilities (that apparently fails to be able to heal his skin, still bugs me). His back story is one that I’ve never read/watched before so it was really refreshing for me. The flashback style that the movie used was great as it wrapped the movie up really nicely. It didn’t just flashback in one part of the movie, but it was a constant flash back until it caught up with the main plot, which was by then, two-thirds of the movie. By that time, as an audience, you’re hooked.

The movie also entered into the territory of “rom-com” as well with Wade Wilson’s love story that turn out to be really the main reason for his existence. So him repeatedly mentioning that this is a movie about a love story was not wrong! However, even the LOVE story part wasn’t stereotypical of a hero story! She was a prostitute, and He was a hitman. Match-made in heaven. It was still really refreshing to watch though, don’t get me wrong! I am the kind of person that dislikes knowing the whole movie just by watching the trailers or looking at the poster. So the whole movie was unexpected filled with great puns and antics! FUN TO WATCH.

OH! And a slight fun mention that there were two X-men’s in this movie that gave this movie a big push for me! Which was COLOSSUS and NEGASONIC TEENAGE WARHEAD. OMG, don’t you love her name? Colossus’ appearance was a treat for me, as I have always liked this loyal character. He’s basically a mutant that is built of titanium, with added super strength, AND has a russian accent WITH an army crewcut. It was just so awesome. Negasonic teenage warhead (NTW) was also a treat as she was a new x-men for me, with supercharge blasting ability that can knock items with great strength. Being colossus’ apprentice just made this X-men academy thing really real.

Anyway! My recommendation is to watch it on the big screens! Prepare for vulgarities coming your way!

Rate: 8/10

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