Captain America: Civil War

Hi everybody!

I’m probably quite late off the “Team Cap” or “Team Iron Man” Band wagon, but I just hadn’t had the right company to watch it with. So of course, I seemed to have saved it to watch with my bestfriend, Joy! ❤

I wasn’t too “excited” for this movie to begin with, because I didn’t really like the idea of two great heroes fighting against each other instead of with each other. But after I started playing this new game app on my phone, Marvel Academy.


That got me a little curious about what actually happened in the movie. So just to tell you guys, I have NOT watched the Winter Soldier, I know shame on me, calling myself a Marvel Fan. But I know that they blew up Shield and exposed Hydra, which was all that was really needed to know. OH, and Bucky Barnes being the Winter Soldier and all. To be fair, Ain’t a Captain America fan in the first place. So here goes my review of the movie! Be careful! Spoiler Alerts!

So as most of you already can get from the poster, It is the fight of Red against Blue, Aka. Iron Man against Capt America. While all of you suspect that there would be a great fight between these two teams, then you will not be disappointed, at all.

Let’s start from the beginning, it all really started when the Avengers once again saved the world yet, inevitably accidentally killing/sacrificing innocent civilians. This is done with the motto of “few lives for a million”. I guess that’s always avoided in most superhero movies. They come in, thrash the city, and leave the city being winners. The Avengers franchise had always zoned in on the fact that the civilians are unhappy with this idea of having casualties, which is basically a very humane thing to do.

Well this instigated the government to somewhat “take control” of the power of the Avengers to avoid any more of these casualties. (Psh, as if the government can control them when they are trying to save the world, but ignore that). This splits the Avengers team into Tony Stark’s conservative side, as he has seen too much to let this continue, and Steve Rogers’ do-gooder attitude, the if-not-now-then-when, if-not-us-then-who approach. So Steve refused to sign the international treaty.

At the SAME TIME, there is an evil villian that seemed to be framing Bucky Barnes, aka. Winter Soldier, who is also Capt America’s childhood buddy. Which made everything even MORE complicated and Steve even more sure to not comply with the law. Making him and his team, outlaws. I will try not to spoil too much on who are in who’s team, but all I can say is. The fight scene between these two teams were great. It’s like a dream fight scene of when you were kids reading the comics and thinking “Who will win, Captain America or Iron Man??” Except the casualty that was done on one specific character that you may get some feels from.

The end plot of this movie, I would have to admit that the villain won. The Avengers is not whole anymore, they broke. YES I AM SAD. Honestly I really didn’t like how I felt about the movie. I know it’s not all rainbows and the heroes winning all the time. But the whole idea of a strong team being so heavily split, hurts. So I can’t even tell you whose team I’m on.

I can be sure of one thing, I am Team Avengers.


Rate: 6.5/10


Happy Mother’s Day

So today is Mother’s day!

And I would like to dedicate this post to my lovely, awesome possum mum.


Technically if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be the strong, fun and loving person I am today. I wouldn’t say that I grew up having tough love, but it was balanced love. I wasn’t showered with hugs and kisses everytime I see my mum. BUt now that I don’t see her often I do get it more often. Normally I would get greated with “LYSSA, YOU AT HOME ALL DAY WHY DIDNT EVEN WASH THE DISHES”, or “LYSSA, NOW ONLY GET UP, HOW TO EAT BREAKFAST LIKE THAT, WAIT FOR LUNCH LA”. yes. It’s probably my fault for being a lazy bum in the house. For that, I would like to apologise for my laziness mum. I’ll be better.


She is the ultimate glue that sticks us together. The major queen bee. One call of your voice and everyone of us come running after you. You can ask Andy and Adrian and even papa. That’s because she the most important person to us and we will always be there when she needs us.

My mum is very funny person. She will never threaten me to get good grades, or force me to study. She would always encourage me to do my best. Because of this, in my mind, I wanted to be the best child for her, so that she doesn’t have to worry. She doesn’t express her dreams and hopes for me to me, but I can always see it in her eyes that I have made her proud. No matter what I do. This is love, this is my mother’s love.

graduation photo

Anyway, hope I made you proud and I will not stop trying to be your perfect daughter.

I love you mum. Forever and always xx

Happy Mothers Day!

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Edinburgh Trip Part 2

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since Edinburgh Part 1, but better late than never! (Plus, My friend Zern would be disappointed if I gave up writing this half way!)

So, despite having a late quiet drinks during the night before, Zern, Anirudh and Ryan all got up bright and early to get the buffet breakfast in the morning! Note that I didn’t say I woke up with them, because, well, I didn’t. I woke up half an hour later because as usual, 9am is not my thing. I went back to sleep after breakfast as well, while they went swimming. Slept until checkout time! Well, to be fair, It’s the best use of the hotel room, TO HAVE A GOOD SLEEP. Plus, I felt that we had until 9pm for our train that same day, and needing to check out at 1pm. Thinking about walking around for at least 7 hours to kill time sounded really tiring. So I’d have to say, the sleep was worth it.

Elephant House

So after checking out and all, we walked down the street towards the museum which just so happened passes the all famous ELEPHANT HOUSE. Apparently this was where JK Rowling got her inspiration for her famous series “Harry Potter”! Sadly, we didn’t get to go inside to have a cuppa coffee, because we all just had breakfast. But if I were with Joy, we would DEFINITELY GO IN later in the day. So had to resort to just taking pictures of it. It serves quite pricey hot beverages such as uniquely tastes teas and coffee. So if you’re a coffee or tea fan, it’s a recommended venue to visit and have a cuppa.


The Elephant House



We actually got attacted by the 7.99 pounds for a buffet Indian AND Thai lunch! It was totally worth it! You can see the quality of the food in Zern’s video below! So check it out! It was in the old town part of Edinburgh and up some stairs. It might not be the best place in town, but being students like us, and being on budget.. It was suffice for what we paid for! Ps. The ‘Thai’ part of the buffet is basically Thai curry. Yes, we were wondering how they would be able to have both Thai and Indian Buffet as one. So that’s problem solved.

National Museum of Scotland

This was the highlight of the day! We visited this museum because Zern has been here with her boyfriend and she thought it was a really lovely museum with interesting display and architectural design. The museum was separated into two main sections, history of the world and history of Scotland. It was both equally interesting! Sadly, we didn’t have the time to finish the museum and we missed some good sections! So if you are a museum and history buff, AND you’re in Edinburgh, it’s worth the visit for sure.

That’s the end of my blog about the places we visited in Edinburgh! Zern the Foodie has more insides of my trip so definitely check it out!

Til Next time!


Click on the video below for more