Starting Over.

It’s almost the end of a tough year, 2017.

I feel like I’ve been through it all, Heartbreaks, New love, Breaking of Hearts, Being broken.

I’m way too good at Goodbyes.

Yes. It seems so narrow minded of me that I revolve my life with how I feel. But different people have different trigger points. Some get triggered by injustice in the world, and put their efforts around doing something about it. Some wants to find purpose in life, in their career and then doing something about it. Well, for me. When I’m in love, I do something about it. And it has been killing me since day 1 about it. 

But today, 27th Dec 2017. 4 days before 2018. I’ve decided to love no more. To let go. I’m not looking back, anymore. I have to promise myself that this is the end of the road for this feeling and this self pity. I have to be stronger and be my own person. Never again should I be doing things for that person and thinking that I’m totally okay as long as the person is happy. I am not happy. But I aspire to be truly happy. 

Readers must be thinking like, can you take this offline and write this in your own personal diary? Why do I have to pen this down for the world to see? Well because I want the world to be my witness and my strength to get over this. I don’t do well suffering alone. I render strength from loved ones, my friends. And all who loves me no matter what. I apologize to all who shows care and want me to rant to them about my problems. And be my personal cheerleader and throw hate crimes at the problem. I apologize because I don’t seem to show that I appreciate you guys enough. And would like to tell you that. You guys are my guardian angel. And I will do anything for you. 

Anyway, just to end today’s blog. I’d like to say a formal goodbye, to a past. And let it be a buried past. Goodluck with everything in life. 

And cheers to me starting over! 🥂🍻


Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas!

May all of you be blessed and merry for Christmas this year 😌


Bug. Off. 

Hi little miss reader,

Please let me clarify that this is not about HIM. I’m happy enough to let you have a good life and wish him all the best too. Watching me shows how insecure you are. So bug off. And don’t be proud. It irritates me to think someone insignificant can bug me like this. 

So. Bug. Off.


Shadow – Whee In (Mamamoo)

This song is about how it feels like to be a shadow, always watching his back. The song is filled with the feeling of a one sided love and the yearning of the other person response to your feelings. That even a small act may fill her heart with so much happiness. Just being around him is sufficient and won’t ask for more to jeopardize the closeness. His happiness is her happines. He doesn’t have to give her more for her to be blissfully happy 🙂 but of course, there is a sense of sadness that things just doesn’t work out as how she would like it to.