Singapore FOOD trip

Hi guys! This is DAY 1 of my Singapore Getaway blog! My aim is to hit as many yummy must eat foods in Singapore and also visit those must visit sites that a Tourist should go to. As usual you’ll see me flooding the post with pictures and food reviews. ENJOY!

  1. First things first, INTERNET in Singapore. Super easy. Just go on to klook.com and just order a ChangiRecommends Pocket wifi for just RM27 for 3GB per day. Which makes it a total of RM135 for our trip for 2. Just head towards any ChangiRecommend Kiosk to get the pocket wifi, and they will hold $200 from your credit card until the device is returned. So make sure you return it at the SAME kiosk, to ensure that deposit does not get wrongfully deducted.
  2. Transportation. We got an EZlink card instead of the Singapore Tourist pass ($10 – 1 day, $16 for 2 days, $20 for 3 days) because the lady at the counter asked how many days we were here for and we said 5 days. Hence she said that the pass would not be worth it anymore, since a trip would just averagely cost ~$1-1.5. So if we do the math, it would be just worth it to get the card for $12 which includes the card + credit of $7.
  3. OfO bike! A great experience using a bicycle sharing app for the first time and travelling around Singapore for food hunting. This is because the area is “too far to walk” but “too near to MRT” and “too expensive to Grab/Taxi”. The amount of bikes were clearly enough to go around.. But a tip would be the CHECK the condition of the bike BEFORE activating the bike itself! Because the app will charge you as soon as it detects you “unlocked” the bike. The rates are $0.50 per 30 mins of ride time. It’s pretty worth it if you ask me, compared to going to the same place by Grab for $6.



The bike’s success rate of functionality is around… 35%? So out of 20 bikes we walked/rode past, only 7 can be considered “safe” to ride on.

SOMETIMES if you’re lucky, there are some easter egg bikes that has a defect lock on them or have been modified, where you can ride for free. Weehoo.

Address: 2-4 Lorong 35 Geylang, Singapore 387936

This is by far the best BEST BEST duck rice and porridge I’ve ever had. And that says alot. The duck is so fresh and fleshy with a touch of awesome that it’s BONELESS. That’s because the bones are well used to make the broth/soup and also the base of the porridge. It was amazing. 10/10.


Address: 745 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389653

We wanted to get something sweet after a satisfying Duck meal, so we walked down the street and found this gem of “Taufu Fa” shop. As seen below, we had Honey Pearl Taufu Fa, Soy milk Drink and Fried Tofu Fries. The Taufu fa was really nice, fluffy and fresh. However, the drink was mediocre and too sweet for our likings. Whereas the fries were pretty good, but we were a bit too full at that point to really give an unbiased review on it. It was on a spicy side for us though, but we noob at the spicy. :p




6. Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh
Address: 208 Rangoon Road Hong Building, Singapore 218453

Finalleh, the final dinner for tonight! We went to the famous Singaporean BKT that serves their BKT as a white peppery soup, which is “only in SG” served. As a herbal BKT soup drinker, it was a shocking powerful pang of pepper in your mouth if this is your first time. Which was in the case of Jin, “so spicy” he said. Overall, it was a gooood meal, but not a favourite.



Jakun-ness of using the bike share app. xD

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Klebang Original Coconut Shake Review

Update: 10/9/18 – This is an old post on when I went to Melaka. Very sorry that it was left idle and unfinished. But I will just post a small post on the Klebang Original Coconut Shake. 😀

Hey guys, it’s been awhile! But at last! I have something worth posting! (Sorry about the cut short Japan trip! It was a bit too much work, TWO WEEKS of travelling was a bit hectic)

Klebang Original Coconut Shake

Address: 5, 75200 Klebang, Malacca

Can proudly say that. TUSAN Milkshake in Miri is actually better than the Klebang one. But the highlight on the one at Klebang is that you can actually taste the fresh coconut drink with the ice blended. (Unlike Tusan where they blend the ice cream with the coconut drink to make a smooth texture). The ice cream on top was a lovely refreshing feature that complements the drink. 😊

They also sell Kuih muih like Keropok lekor and packaged nasi lemak. Which all complements the

Price: RM2.70 (Super cheap!!!!)

Rating: 4/5