Travel to Gua Niah!

So the story of the week will be about my trip to Niah! Just gonna give a heads up that the pictures taken weren’t of the besssst quality, just want to give my readers a sense of the highlight of my week.

So the reason behind going to Niah was because… my friends from KL and Brunei came to visit! 🙆🏻 They are my crazy board game freak gang, and they are the most entertaining group of friends I have (sorry everyone else, hehe). But basically had to bring them to Miri’s iconic cave: Gua Niah. 

Travel details:

  • By car from Miri city center; around 1.5 to 2 hours. Depending on the traffic (big lorries on a one lane roads, which is most of the time)
  • Entrance fee: RM10 for locals (if locals bringing foreigners, it is also RM10 each). RM20 for foreigners.
  • RM 1 for a boat ride across a small river to the other side. Not forgetting another RM1 to cross back as well at the end!
  • Drinks and souvenirs are sold mid trail. (Quite pricey, RM3 per can drink)
  • Some areas require torches (Phone flash would be sufficient, if you’re just into casual caving).

Hmm, those are really the only 5 points about what to look out for prior to going. But other than that, I shall story tell my experience. So basically, the road to Niah, was a very easy one. Just one STRAIGHT road all the way to the Niah area, then there will be signs to Niah National Park on the way. May be hard to see, so trust google maps! Just in case you miss any roads. The road itself is slightly bumpy, so brace your car. And you will be so annoyed with the lorries slowly driving on these roads, and needing to cut them. So PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN CUTTING! 

Niah’s cave trail is very VERY easy for all ages. We arrived at 10.15am and left Niah at about 1.30pm. But this is just exploring only Traders Cave. If you were to go further into Painting Caves, then you can add another 1 hour to the timing. If you’ve never been to a cave before, Niah would be a good start to get a small feel at how a cave is like 🙂 but overall it was a chilled walk in a cave. 


Before the walk photo!










After the Walk Photo!

It was an overall fun experience! Hope these boys enjoyed themselves! Because I did! The nature and the conversations we had during the walk (not to mention exercised too!) was a fun activity to do in boring little Miri. Be one with nature.

After the walk, we went to eat my favourite dish after Niah-ing. TUTU FISH or IKAN BERTUTU! Bekenu town has a restaurant called “Sing Chiong Restaurant” that rares tutu fishes. Basically they are freshwater fish that has meat that is soft like tofu. It is really a MUST eat if you are done with Niah, and finding food on the way back.

Type this address on google to find it: “Sing Chiong Restaurant, Kampung Keluru Jaya, 98150 Bekenu, Sarawak, Malaysia”

It was an amazing lunch!

Shall end the blog here now guys! Hope you enjoyed reading it. More next week!

Special shoutout to Teng: for my early birthday present! Love it! (Not the munchkin)


The Start of a New Chapter

Hi guys, It’s been a long while since I’ve written in here. A lot has been happening in my life lately, and it’s time for this blog to get off its “professional” high horse and go down to the nitty-gritty of this being a personal blog.

So as you all may know, I’ve just recently separated from my 5 years of glorious reign of being one of the strongest long distance couple status. And no, this is not a post to gain sympathy or attention. Whoever will be seeing this will only be the readers that are curious to see if I post anything anymore, and they will be finding this Gem.

I have to say, I did not regret our decision to go our separate ways, at times I do miss the company and the connection that we once had. However, times have changed and people has changed over time, which is not to blamed on anyone or anything. I wished things would have been different, and our circumstances were different. But it was just not meant to be and I have come to terms with that.

This post is going to be about the different stages of a post break up summarised into the 6 R’s. This may not be a general idea but it’s something I went through and just want to share with the world about how I feel about it.


After a long push and pull of emotions, there is a sense of relief when a decision has been made. All the air cleared up to say that, things are not going work out. And yes, it may be selfish to say this, but freedom was felt. When the inevitable is coming towards the couple like a storm, sometimes, it is good for the release for both sides to concentrate on themselves for a change. People may comment that we are being weak and uncommitted, but if you know us personally and how we have been coping. You may understand. We had a good run, and the relief that we are choosing our individual future potential so that we don’t drag each other down.



Then after the relief, here comes the realisation. The realisation that he’s not around anymore. There isn’t anyone that knows me for a quarter of my living life that I can rant to and talk to about our memories anymore. No one to look forward seeing. Just a realisation that I am now, single. What do I do. What am I suppose to do. There are people who want to be NOT single for a reason, and we let this go. A lot of things were realised at this stage, how he was there for me through my ups and downs, how our families have gotten used to us being together, how friends were waiting for the big good news from us. There were many expectations from everyone around us, how we gave long distance couples hope. It felt like I disappointed everyone around me. Then the feeling moved on to the next R..



Regret. Regret. Regret. I went nuts. I spent days in bed, just thinking of all the possibilities and regretted all the choices I made. It is the worse stage I went through. And will not wish upon anybody to go through this. Going through photos, notes, messages, just reading them and getting hurt by all of them. Hurt that we didn’t try hard enough. Hurt that we could have done more, I could have done more. Regretted all the things that my “strong heart” said, I just wanted to go back in time. What if things were different. What if I put more effort in. Would we have decided what we decided? Would we have been better people together than apart? Regrets. It is an overwhelming feeling, and all your friends around you may or may not realise that you are going through. It’s the best to share what you can share with them. But, honestly, they couldn’t help much for me. Because deep inside, this is my problem, only mine. And only I can solve it.



ah-HA. This stage. Very shameful stage. The begging to go back to normal stage. You all know this is a crazy ass stage. All your heart and mind wants to do is go back to a habitual life that you’ve been living for the past years. Just want to dangerously relapse back to him and go back to normal again. But that would mean all the decisions we made would be voided. HA. It is not as easy as that. When a decision like this has been done and all have been discussed, our weaknesses exposed. It is impossible to go back to normal, go back to how we once were. So no, that did not end well. Would not recommend this stage for any post break up couples. Because unless big changes are made on both sides, this will not end well. So yeah, not a very proud stage to have been through. But it happened. Glad that he did not give in to my relapse stage and nor I to his.



It’s a reconciliation of all the shit that happened just from all the stages before. It was a reconciliation on both sides. An understanding that we both have to move on. Understanding that we both did it for a reason, and we need to honour our reasons and decision. Don’t go back to the same mistakes. I will wish him all the best, and will always support him in all matters. Because we didn’t end things ugly, we ended things by putting everything into consideration. It was ugly through all these grieving stages. But we have to put all that behind us and go through life. Never will I regret everything we’ve been through. Never will I regret my decision again. Let’s just shake hands and wish each other well. Be Happy.



I guess thats it for all the stages. The last one is when you bring yourself to start storing physical things away and memories to be locked away. And remembering that we had good times. All the fun trips we had, the experiences we went through together. I don’t regret one bit. and Never will. I will always have fond memories of you, and leave with no regrets of ever choosing you in the first place. I will be happy, and hope that you will be too.


The end.



Kway Teow Wet Recipe

“4 Orders of Kway Teow Wet, Seafood Only please”

So last weekend, my Malaysian Course mates and I decided to cook dinner together to satisfy our cravings for KWAY TEOW WET. Seafood style. So I decided to document our “experience” in cooking this dish for the first time. So below is our recipe of our meal! Enjoy!

Chefs of the night (from left): Sheryl, Alyssa, Evelyn, Aizat

This is a recipe for 1 serving. In the pictures, it would be for 4 servings! I referred to a few recipes online and so this is my version.

Ingredients for Kway Teow:
200g  Kway Teow (flat rice noodles/stick)
2 tbsp Dark Sweet Sauce
1 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
A handful of Bean Sprouts
Cooking Oil

Ingredients for Broth:
6 pcs or more Prawns, Shell removed
2 Eggs
1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
2-3 cloves of Garlic
1 tbsp Cornstarch (may need more to adjust the consistency)
Choi Sum (normally 3-4 stalks)
A handful of Mixed seafood (optional for more flavour)
1 cube of Chicken Stock
100ml Boiled Water


Our ingredients for the night!

Steps: Fried Kway Teow
1. Loosen the Kway Teow by boiling it in water (Don’t over boil them! If you do, it would be too mushy and out of shape to fry).

2. Filter the Kway Teow, then fry it in high heat with oil, adding Dark Sweet Sauce as you go until evenly coated. Avoid overcooking it as they will become sticky and clumpy. Basically just fry/stir frequently until you get it a consistent colour. Stop stirring intermittently to get a nice char on your noodles.

3. Add the beansprouts and stir fry it along with the Kway Teow




Steps: Broth

  1. Heat the oil in a pot.
  2. Add the Garlic and stir fry it until fragrant.
  3. Saute the prawns and seafood with the garlic.
  4. After the prawns and seafood have sear, add in the boiled water and chicken stock, stir until chicken stock has melted into the broth.
  5. Bring sauce to boil and add the Choi Sum.
  6. Thicken the sauce with cornstarch and simmer for awhile until everything is cooked.
  7. Add in the eggs and lightly spread it to make an eggy broth!

This is us Multitasking



Dinner is SERVED!




Battle Shots!

So my blog as been on a monthly stand-still nowadays. But that is about to change! This is going to be a weekly post from NOW on. Daily is too much for me and to think of new content. However, monthly is too long of a stretch without blogging. To be fair, the days goes past much quickly now that Uni has started. It’s just weekly of catching up with work, exercise classes and then relaxing after a long day!

Back to TOPIC!
HAVE you ever had times where you just want to chill with your best friend with drinks but sometimes get too awkward just talking between the two of you the whole night? Well that is going to change! Introducing a really casual game that does not require much preparation, much booze, and much time to prepare!

So the game is called BATTLESHOTS! (DIY edition) You can buy it online premade, but who’s going to spend that kinda money, really.

Things you would need:
1. 2 pieces of paper
2. 1 Marker pen
3. Ruler
4. 2 Pencils

First you prepare a 5 by 5 table as the “map” of both teams. (Note that i say teams, if you have more than 2 people in the room, they can be involved too. Just have to increase the stakes :p)

Rule is:

  1. Preparation of battle: Sit from your opponent facing each other. Prop a tall book/cardboard between your maps so that neither of you can see each other’s maps.

    Battle shots coordinates

  2. Secretly arrange your “ships”:
    > Draw 2 [3 spaced] cargo ships, 2 [2 spaced] battleship and 1 [1 spaced] submarines
    > Signal your opponent that you are ready to begin once all the ships are drawn (in pencil).

    Battle Shots Coordinates

  3. Flip a coin. Determine whether heads or tails designates who plays the first turn.

  4. Call your shot.
     > On your turn, call out the coordinates where you believe your opponent has positioned one of their ships. (example- A5)

    >To track their, mark your coordinate map with mini X’s where a target is hit and mini O’s where a target is missed.

    Battle shot coordinates

  5. Handle a hit.  Mark your coordinate map with a BIG X where you have hit your target-your opponent’s BattleShot ship. Your opponent must drink a shot.
  6. Handle a miss. Using a dry erase marker, mark your coordinate map with a BIG O where you have missed your target. This will keep you from guessing the same location twice.
    Battle Shots Coordinates
  7. Sink all your opponent’s BattleShots to win. The loser must consume all remaining unsunk BattleShots.

Additional rules:

  • If you successfully sink any of the ships, your opponent has to take another extra shot or a heavier concoction of drinks.
  • If any one of you miss, you have to take a shot.

Cheers now! x

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