How to get away with Murder…

Hey Guys!

I have been MIA for MONTHS now I know. Just an update on my life.
For Winter Break I went back home to Malaysia as a surprise for my family (excluding my dad). It was a great experience and a HUGE SUCCESS! The important people that I wanted to surprise was my mum and my grandpa. Both of them had no idea I was coming back for Christmas and New Years! It was a very homely, warm winter break for me in 2015. It would be the only time I could actually surprise them coming back for christmas break anyway because it’s my last year in the UK.

I got really into playing board games during the break as well. Inspired to create a business plan in having a BOARD GAME Cafe in Miri with my childhood buddies in the future. It would be the best side-career project! If anyone of you that so happen come across this post from MIRI or Malaysia, feel free to come, talk and advise me about doing this type of business. Retail, Food and Game Services.

Currently also having exams (6 papers) this month!┬áSo I am pretty stressed, but that gives me another reason to play Dota during the night! #Badass. Anyway, I am currently addicted to a relatively new series called “How to Get Away with Murder”. It isn’t as gorey as the title may imply the series to be. It is actually about lawyers and how they can seem to “get away” with it. If anyone shares the same interest and have already watched this series, GIVE ME A SHOUT! I need someone to rant with! PRONTO. The boyfriend doesn’t like to watch series that has a need to remember previous episodes. I think it just wastes his brain space. AH WELL. Rant over.

Remember to check the series out!