Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review

Hi everybody! Sorry that I miss my weekly blogging as I had deadlines to complete this week so I was pretty busy and hadn’t had time to gather my head for content. HOWEVER, I did make it a point to watch the Hunger Games epilogue this week and write about it.

Anyway, back to business! Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2! (What a mouthful to say the title isn’t it?)

I do like the poster design for the movie. It brings out the essence of the drive of the movie. The Mockingjay symbolises freedom and hope. A hope for a better world. I had to include the picture below because it was just too epic, the designers of this on the book and on the posters were amazing.


Right, back to the movie itself. Personally I thought the movie was just “Alright”. It wasn’t mind blowing, there weren’t enough action scenes, it was pretty draggy. Overall, I just wished they didn’t split the last book into 2 movies. There just wasn’t enough content to make it into 2 movies.

So the movie started off where it ended in Mockingjay Part 1, when Peeta had just been saved from being brainwashed by the Capitol. District 13 is all set on invading Capitol for a ‘free Panem’. However, District 13 and Katniss had a differ of views. To Katniss, she was full of vengeance and took everything on a personal level. District 13 leader, President Coin wanted to expand the rebel army but Katniss just wanted President Snow dead. No surprise Katniss still went away and did things her way, forcing Coin to tell everyone that Katniss is doing what she wants her to do. Which i thought says a lot about Coin’s Character.

I felt that despite Katniss’ character is a born rebel leader, she is almost always controlled by Coin. Whatever, Coin wanted the people of Panem to see, is almost all scripted. Like WHY would they bring the camera crew to follow Katniss to kill Snow. I am sure Snow’s death to the people doesn’t have to have full coverage, but it looks as though Coin wanted a mega hunger games but just with the Capitol. Sorry for spoiling that Snow is going to die, but I’m quite sure readers know that already. Basically, Part 1 of the movie was about saving Peeta, and Part 2 is about killing Snow. Thats about it! There was a twist in the end that book readers would have known it was going to happen. I particularly enjoyed the twist at the end as it showed a slight complexity of the movie.

I have to comment on the lack of character story on some characters in this movie. Characters like Finnick and Anne deserves a bit more love story and connection. Prim and Katniss’ connection didn’t get shown enough to get attached to the sisterly bond that the book portrayed. There was just that visible awkwardness between the 2 sisters. The type of awkwardness that both sisters have been through different situations and are unable to talk about it. It was a pity though. The sisterly bond was something I looked forward to in the movie. Gale and Katniss’ bond was portrayed a lot more in the first movie but wasn’t seen in this movie. There weren’t enough scenes that would make Katniss feel like she had a choice between the 2 guys. There was even one scene where Gale and Peeta had a conversation of who Katniss kissed better. Like talk about desperate attempt on getting the audience to feel their love for Katniss. It was just… embarrassing.

I totally wish I had more good things to say about the movie, but I really don’t. I can admit the casting for Hungers Games franchise was SPOT ON for the readers. As for the Hunger Game franchise as a whole, I love how they made the Games come alive. They really did the book justice. But I feel that the jist of the economy and corruption wasn’t really seen well in the movie. Anyway, lovely ending for a great saga.


Rate: 6.5/10