Edinburgh Trip Part 2

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since Edinburgh Part 1, but better late than never! (Plus, My friend Zern would be disappointed if I gave up writing this half way!)

So, despite having a late quiet drinks during the night before, Zern, Anirudh and Ryan all got up bright and early to get the buffet breakfast in the morning! Note that I didn’t say I woke up with them, because, well, I didn’t. I woke up half an hour later because as usual, 9am is not my thing. I went back to sleep after breakfast as well, while they went swimming. Slept until checkout time! Well, to be fair, It’s the best use of the hotel room, TO HAVE A GOOD SLEEP. Plus, I felt that we had until 9pm for our train that same day, and needing to check out at 1pm. Thinking about walking around for at least 7 hours to kill time sounded really tiring. So I’d have to say, the sleep was worth it.

Elephant House

So after checking out and all, we walked down the street towards the museum which just so happened passes the all famous ELEPHANT HOUSE. Apparently this was where JK Rowling got her inspiration for her famous series “Harry Potter”! Sadly, we didn’t get to go inside to have a cuppa coffee, because we all just had breakfast. But if I were with Joy, we would DEFINITELY GO IN later in the day. So had to resort to just taking pictures of it. It serves quite pricey hot beverages such as uniquely tastes teas and coffee. So if you’re a coffee or tea fan, it’s a recommended venue to visit and have a cuppa.


The Elephant House



We actually got attacted by the 7.99 pounds for a buffet Indian AND Thai lunch! It was totally worth it! You can see the quality of the food in Zern’s video below! So check it out! It was in the old town part of Edinburgh and up some stairs. It might not be the best place in town, but being students like us, and being on budget.. It was suffice for what we paid for! Ps. The ‘Thai’ part of the buffet is basically Thai curry. Yes, we were wondering how they would be able to have both Thai and Indian Buffet as one. So that’s problem solved.

National Museum of Scotland

This was the highlight of the day! We visited this museum because Zern has been here with her boyfriend and she thought it was a really lovely museum with interesting display and architectural design. The museum was separated into two main sections, history of the world and history of Scotland. It was both equally interesting! Sadly, we didn’t have the time to finish the museum and we missed some good sections! So if you are a museum and history buff, AND you’re in Edinburgh, it’s worth the visit for sure.

That’s the end of my blog about the places we visited in Edinburgh! Zern the Foodie has more insides of my trip so definitely check it out!

Til Next time!


Click on the video below for more


Day one of 4 Sillies invading Edinburgh

Another trip to add on to my travelog series!

So a few of us decided to do a day trip to Edinburgh courtesy of a deal that we found on www.secretescapes.com.So we all got the whole hotel deal from that website, for only 62 pounds per person!
Which included:

  1. A standard room for two for one night
  2. 20 pound dinner voucher
  3. Access to swimming pool and sauna
  4. 20 pound off a ONE HOUR spa treatment

Screenshot 2016-03-31 18.53.57 copy

It is a good deal! Not only that, the Carlton Hotel is placed right between the old Edinburgh town and the new Edinburgh town, so the location was perfect for a day trip! Getting anywhere was just a walk down the street in either direction. You can find my review on the Carlton Hotel on Trip Advisor here. Just a quick tip about this hotel, It is currently under heavy construction in being converted to a Hilton Hotel.

Another cost for the trip was the train ride from Newcastle to Edinburgh which was only around 20 pounds per person! Totally worth it! Especially with some of us not having railcard, so we ended up just splitting the total cost of the group train tickets equally among us!

Edinburgh Castle

Highlight of the trip was to roam around the castle grounds of Edinburgh Castle. We didn’t manage to go into the castle because we thought it was a bit too pricey for each of us as most of us have already been inside. Sadly, I have never been into the castle but I believe it would have been brimming with history. However, we got some really lovely shots of the castle, grounds and the atmosphere, looking out at the city of Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh Old City

Edinburgh is basically made of two parts of the city and there were streets that represent the old part of the city. It’s just filled with historic buildings and statues. With the pavements not very much different from the olden times. I learned from my friend Ryan that Scotland is famous for their Haggis (savoury pudding containing sheep’s pluck (heart, liver and lungs); minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock), Fried Mars Bar (Which I didn’t get to eat this time), Shortbread, Kilts and Tartan clothing. When you walk down the streets of Edinburgh, you will not fail to see loads of cashmere stores selling all those things.

Childhood Museum

I honestly didn’t think that we would actually enjoy our time in this museum. But I was stand corrected. We had LOADS of fun! More details of our trip of the childhood museum can be seen in Zern’s Vlog. Click here to see it! If you’re in Edinburgh and you enjoy going down memory lane of old toys and games or you just want to pass an hour or so then you should check it out.


Pool, Jacuzzi and Sauna

After a nice long walk around Edinburgh, it’s nice to be able to relax in the hotel with great company and pools. We didn’t get any shots of this, being all in bathing suits and all! But I can vouch that we had a good time! However, remember when we all thought that we would get spa voucher worth 20 pounds? WELL, long story short, we THOUGHT we could get away with a free treatment that is worth 20 pounds. BUT we couldn’t because we didn’t  see the part about the “for a one hour declour treatment” so basically, we had to get a treatment worth more than 60++ pounds to get to use that voucher. wjbgaljebrgoahebrgjanebrhgbaelrjbgaeoirhbaehrbeaijrbg. sad. We still enjoyed our swim and the mini Jacuzzi that could only fit 5-6 people max. The sauna was relaxing too!

Dinner at the Carlton Hotel

For 20 pounds, you are able to get a really hearty meal here. I chose the chicken dish. which was their weekly special, and fish cake with pouched egg on top. The menu during the dinner had a really good range of dishes. Great meals for the deal we had! No regrets!



My Starter: Clip from Zern The Foodie’s Vlog

Anyway! Just to end the Vlog of Day 1 in Edinburgh. This is a vlog of my good friend Zern about her take on the trip! You can see me trolling in the background at time! Enjoy!

Tune in next time!