Brothers Grimsby Review

Happy Easter to all!

This movie might not be the best movie to be talking about on Easter Sunday, but it’s on my blog list! It’s the holidays now, so I supposedly have more time to blog and write. However, I am currently into a new game: Ark Survival, so currently quite occupied by it. I would probably be doing a review on the game as well! So look out for it if you’re interested. Right, let’s get back to the review!

In the UK, it’s widely known as “Grimsby” and in the US, it’s more known as “Brothers Grimsby”. The reason why I went to see this is in the cinema is because my boyfriend was is a fan of Borat that was played by Sacha Baron Cohen. His Borat shows are just hilarious so I was expecting nothing less than funny from this movie.

This comedy film played by Sasha and Mark Strong was about two very different brothers; Sebastian, a slick spy and Nobby, a football-loving hooligan. Both were separated as kids at an orphanage. It was a story of reunion, brother-ly love, and of course, the spy action stuff. I personally enjoyed the brothers with two different personalities and yet they choose brothers above all. Nobby’s character brought all the laughter, Sebastian brought the seriousness and reality. It was a great balance.

The movie as a whole, is definitely NOT to be watched with kids. I mentioned that about dead pool, but this movie is a whole different level. This movie is not crude with vile word, its full of vile references that only adults would understand. If you’re looking for a nice message to end the movie with, you will get a whole load of different things in the end. It was tirelessly full go gags, fat jokes, sexual jokes, and funnily enough, English jokes. You would sit in the cinemas or your room, going “ugh” or “hahahaha”. It really could go either way. My boyfriend and I’s different reaction while watching the movie was the prime examples.

This film wasn’t built on all comedy though, it had elements of action in it too! Try imagining Nobby being a spy. Enough is said. Though watching Borat doing action stunts with his goofy self, was very entertaining. Punchlines are never far from anything to do with genitals, or asses. The movie is just an entertaining hot mess and would be in my books for guilty pleasure. Oh, and not forgetting other namable casts in the movie: PENELOPE CRUZ and REBEL WILSON. Another mix of serious and funny actresses.

Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of what I am talking about:

Rate: 6/10

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