Courier Shipping to Malaysia (Sarawak) from the UK Experience

As most students that goes abroad to study encounter this crazy burden of shipping 3 or 4 years of clothes, books, keepsakes and etc. Students would have loads of questions about: Which courier to use, how fast will it arrive, is it safe?

So, I have decided to create this blog post of my whole experience from boxing to un-boxing of my things and hopefully be able to help students everywhere. Just FYI, I am not sponsored to this specific service I’m using, so it would be an honest review and experience.

Additional information:

From: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
To: Miri, Malaysia
Amount: 3 boxes, 18x18x30 inches
Service: Shipping2Malaysia

  1. Ordering Packaging boxes (03/07/16)

Using the shipping2malaysia website, It’s very straight forward to navigate. The tab “Free boxes” says it all. There are two sizes to choose from:

  1. Maxi: 18x18x30 inches (max weight 40kg)
  2. Midi: 18x18x20 inches (max weight 30kg)

Link to that page, click here


After entering all your details, you would merely just get this confirmation page like this after you click submit!


They will then send you an additional email confirming that you have requested for the free boxes, and a reminder that there will be a deposit to be made for these boxes. The unused boxes will then be reclaimed back when the delivery is taking place, with the deposit being deducted from your total cost.

    2.    Receiving a text a day before the delivery date of the boxes. (11/07/16)

So after 6 working days, I received a text from Shipping2Malaysia that the boxes are coming the next day with a 3 hour window. The reply to them required was either a yes or a no on my availability of collecting the box.

Now, the situation is, I was NOT available for collection on that day, so I replied “no” to the text message, thinking that they will probably arrange for another day for sending the boxes. HOWEVER, they did not send any reply after my “no” reply. Until I emailed them enquiring.

Apparently, if you miss the delivery of the boxes or unable to collect it at the time that was set, you are required to REBOOK your boxes, which will take another 7 working days to arrive in your designated location.

   3.    Reordered box (14/07/16)

My housemate reordered another set of box a day or two after me. It was to the same house, so we shall see if it would arrive on the same date. Unfortunately, they emailed my housemate to say that they had no more maxi boxes in stock, so he had to get the midi boxes or expect the boxes to arrive in another 2 weeks. Unable to wait, housemate had to take the midi boxes instead.

   4.   Receiving the text (21/07/16)

Received the text 6 working days after placing the order. The box arrival was due between 4pm to 7pm. Housemate received the same text!

   5.   Box arrival (22/07/16)

The box arrived at around 6pm outside my house. The attitude of the driver was unsatisfying, he was in a rush and was rude to me and my housemate. He was nice enough to let my housemate have the spare maxi box he had in his truck. Why I said he was rude is because when I miscalculated the number of boxes we had (the midi boxes were smaller in size so I didn’t see them), I wanted him to recheck the number of boxes for me. He reluctantly came to count them, and when he counted them correctly and me realising that a missed the midi box, he replied “Betul ba! Apa Salah???”. Not only that, when my housemate was just looking over the deposit receipt thoroughly before signing the consent form, the driver said “Cepatlah!”. That attitude and tone was unacceptable and unsatisfying because the fact that we are in a country with people that are really polite and full of mannerism. Well it irritated me anyway.

   6.   Box sizes

A comment that I’d like to give about the box is that it is very tall and deep.So if you were planning to bring anything horizontal back, it would have to fit in vertically. But I was quite satisfied with the boxes as I used vacuum storage bags for my clothes so it doesn’t take up much space.

7. Courier Box collection (01/08/16)

I needed my box to come before the 3rd of August, but “10 working day” service may be cutting  bit too close for me AND I was worried that they may come too early within that 10 working days and I won’t be ready with my boxes yet. So I chose the premier service, which came on the day that I selected.

8. Courier Box Arrival (26/10/16)

So it arrived 87 days to Miri, Sarawak, which is almost 3 months! I am quite impressed that it did arrive when it said it would. All the items in the box were intact and perfect, no breaks or leaks or smells. However, a comment would be that the tape that Shipping to Malaysia supplied is not very strong, so tip to do quite a few layers of the tape OR get a stronger one. The box was a bit battered from the trip, as you can see in the pictures. Because it gets slightly deformed, the tape would get loosen and people would have access to your boxes easily, so take note of that.

Anyway, I’ll end this blog here! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment!


Brothers Grimsby Review

Happy Easter to all!

This movie might not be the best movie to be talking about on Easter Sunday, but it’s on my blog list! It’s the holidays now, so I supposedly have more time to blog and write. However, I am currently into a new game: Ark Survival, so currently quite occupied by it. I would probably be doing a review on the game as well! So look out for it if you’re interested. Right, let’s get back to the review!

In the UK, it’s widely known as “Grimsby” and in the US, it’s more known as “Brothers Grimsby”. The reason why I went to see this is in the cinema is because my boyfriend was is a fan of Borat that was played by Sacha Baron Cohen. His Borat shows are just hilarious so I was expecting nothing less than funny from this movie.

This comedy film played by Sasha and Mark Strong was about two very different brothers; Sebastian, a slick spy and Nobby, a football-loving hooligan. Both were separated as kids at an orphanage. It was a story of reunion, brother-ly love, and of course, the spy action stuff. I personally enjoyed the brothers with two different personalities and yet they choose brothers above all. Nobby’s character brought all the laughter, Sebastian brought the seriousness and reality. It was a great balance.

The movie as a whole, is definitely NOT to be watched with kids. I mentioned that about dead pool, but this movie is a whole different level. This movie is not crude with vile word, its full of vile references that only adults would understand. If you’re looking for a nice message to end the movie with, you will get a whole load of different things in the end. It was tirelessly full go gags, fat jokes, sexual jokes, and funnily enough, English jokes. You would sit in the cinemas or your room, going “ugh” or “hahahaha”. It really could go either way. My boyfriend and I’s different reaction while watching the movie was the prime examples.

This film wasn’t built on all comedy though, it had elements of action in it too! Try imagining Nobby being a spy. Enough is said. Though watching Borat doing action stunts with his goofy self, was very entertaining. Punchlines are never far from anything to do with genitals, or asses. The movie is just an entertaining hot mess and would be in my books for guilty pleasure. Oh, and not forgetting other namable casts in the movie: PENELOPE CRUZ and REBEL WILSON. Another mix of serious and funny actresses.

Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of what I am talking about:

Rate: 6/10

Signing out!


Deadpool Movie Review

Hi guys! I know it’s been once again, WAY TOO LONG. I guess I would just blame myself for that. I haven’t been looking out for interesting content to share with you guys, which is such a shame. So I watched Deadpool with my boyfriend last weekend, which is the valentine weekend. It wasn’t a very VALENTINE-y movie to watch, but after all the trailers for deadpool advertising that it’s coming out on Valentines, so might as well go for it! Its Marvel after all! *Marvel Fan here*


I find these posters really amusing. I have never read a deadpool comic before, hence the surprise I had at the obscene posters. I am quite sure that people who read the comics knew that this character is not a typical “superhero”, but I hadn’t! So it was a really fresh take on super heroes. Deadpool actually gave superheroes a “human” trait to them.


See, this is the poster I was talking about! How often is it that a movie poster to be so simplistic yet hilarious at the same time. Honestly, these kind of posters would attract me to watch more than the ones with some really insightful movie snippet.

Anyway, back to the review:

It is a strikingly violent, and full of irony and stinging gags that would be enjoyed by ages 15 and above, i would suggest. Trust me, under the age of that, this movie would be deemed inappropriate to watch. It was an interesting film for me by Ryan Reynolds, as I personally have never seen him acting down right crazy and crude. It is a great Anti-Hero Marvel movie. A nice breather from the all heroic Marvel movies that don’t surprise you all so much.

The movie even began with a spoof of the lineup in the credits, displaying nobody’s names but just “stereotypes” like “British Villain”. It was a great beginning of a dangerous ride down this movie. Dead pool is a mutant assassin with a smart mouth, high combat capability and healing abilities (that apparently fails to be able to heal his skin, still bugs me). His back story is one that I’ve never read/watched before so it was really refreshing for me. The flashback style that the movie used was great as it wrapped the movie up really nicely. It didn’t just flashback in one part of the movie, but it was a constant flash back until it caught up with the main plot, which was by then, two-thirds of the movie. By that time, as an audience, you’re hooked.

The movie also entered into the territory of “rom-com” as well with Wade Wilson’s love story that turn out to be really the main reason for his existence. So him repeatedly mentioning that this is a movie about a love story was not wrong! However, even the LOVE story part wasn’t stereotypical of a hero story! She was a prostitute, and He was a hitman. Match-made in heaven. It was still really refreshing to watch though, don’t get me wrong! I am the kind of person that dislikes knowing the whole movie just by watching the trailers or looking at the poster. So the whole movie was unexpected filled with great puns and antics! FUN TO WATCH.

OH! And a slight fun mention that there were two X-men’s in this movie that gave this movie a big push for me! Which was COLOSSUS and NEGASONIC TEENAGE WARHEAD. OMG, don’t you love her name? Colossus’ appearance was a treat for me, as I have always liked this loyal character. He’s basically a mutant that is built of titanium, with added super strength, AND has a russian accent WITH an army crewcut. It was just so awesome. Negasonic teenage warhead (NTW) was also a treat as she was a new x-men for me, with supercharge blasting ability that can knock items with great strength. Being colossus’ apprentice just made this X-men academy thing really real.

Anyway! My recommendation is to watch it on the big screens! Prepare for vulgarities coming your way!

Rate: 8/10


Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review

Hi everybody! Sorry that I miss my weekly blogging as I had deadlines to complete this week so I was pretty busy and hadn’t had time to gather my head for content. HOWEVER, I did make it a point to watch the Hunger Games epilogue this week and write about it.

Anyway, back to business! Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2! (What a mouthful to say the title isn’t it?)

I do like the poster design for the movie. It brings out the essence of the drive of the movie. The Mockingjay symbolises freedom and hope. A hope for a better world. I had to include the picture below because it was just too epic, the designers of this on the book and on the posters were amazing.


Right, back to the movie itself. Personally I thought the movie was just “Alright”. It wasn’t mind blowing, there weren’t enough action scenes, it was pretty draggy. Overall, I just wished they didn’t split the last book into 2 movies. There just wasn’t enough content to make it into 2 movies.

So the movie started off where it ended in Mockingjay Part 1, when Peeta had just been saved from being brainwashed by the Capitol. District 13 is all set on invading Capitol for a ‘free Panem’. However, District 13 and Katniss had a differ of views. To Katniss, she was full of vengeance and took everything on a personal level. District 13 leader, President Coin wanted to expand the rebel army but Katniss just wanted President Snow dead. No surprise Katniss still went away and did things her way, forcing Coin to tell everyone that Katniss is doing what she wants her to do. Which i thought says a lot about Coin’s Character.

I felt that despite Katniss’ character is a born rebel leader, she is almost always controlled by Coin. Whatever, Coin wanted the people of Panem to see, is almost all scripted. Like WHY would they bring the camera crew to follow Katniss to kill Snow. I am sure Snow’s death to the people doesn’t have to have full coverage, but it looks as though Coin wanted a mega hunger games but just with the Capitol. Sorry for spoiling that Snow is going to die, but I’m quite sure readers know that already. Basically, Part 1 of the movie was about saving Peeta, and Part 2 is about killing Snow. Thats about it! There was a twist in the end that book readers would have known it was going to happen. I particularly enjoyed the twist at the end as it showed a slight complexity of the movie.

I have to comment on the lack of character story on some characters in this movie. Characters like Finnick and Anne deserves a bit more love story and connection. Prim and Katniss’ connection didn’t get shown enough to get attached to the sisterly bond that the book portrayed. There was just that visible awkwardness between the 2 sisters. The type of awkwardness that both sisters have been through different situations and are unable to talk about it. It was a pity though. The sisterly bond was something I looked forward to in the movie. Gale and Katniss’ bond was portrayed a lot more in the first movie but wasn’t seen in this movie. There weren’t enough scenes that would make Katniss feel like she had a choice between the 2 guys. There was even one scene where Gale and Peeta had a conversation of who Katniss kissed better. Like talk about desperate attempt on getting the audience to feel their love for Katniss. It was just… embarrassing.

I totally wish I had more good things to say about the movie, but I really don’t. I can admit the casting for Hungers Games franchise was SPOT ON for the readers. As for the Hunger Game franchise as a whole, I love how they made the Games come alive. They really did the book justice. But I feel that the jist of the economy and corruption wasn’t really seen well in the movie. Anyway, lovely ending for a great saga.


Rate: 6.5/10




Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review

I was pretty excited when watching the first Maze Runner movie! So I was pretty excited for the second!

So, just to recap on the Maze Runner first movie:
Basically, the boys were trapped in a foreign land with no memories of their past apart from their names. Surrounding them is a huge Maze that opens and closes everyday in the morning and then in the evening. So feeling they were trapped, they have ‘runners’ that travelled through the maze looking for a way out. They made a system of life while they were trapped in that land, which weekly rations of food given to them via an elevator. So one day, a boy named Thomas came into the world. But he was different from the rest of the boys. He was curious, and very determined to leave this place. He rather choose to risk his life being in the maze instead of staying back and living a normal/abnormal life. Because of him, they did manage to figure out a way out. Only to be confused with the events following. At the end of the movie, it is seen that WCKD’s leader has been killed and the boys were saved by helicopter by some men hurriedly.


Maze Runner Movie Poster

I am not a total fan of the movie poster they made. Sorry

Anyway! Back to the review.

I have to comment that you HAVE to watch the first Maze Runner movie before you watch the sequel. There are almost NO recap on the events from the previous film. It really just picks up from where the first movie left off. Which is like in the helicopter! So for those who think that they can just watch the second movie of the Maze Runner franchise without watching the first movie, I would suggest not to do that. You would spend probably the whole movie wondering what is going on. For those who did do a mental recap before you go into watching the sequel, it may be more timesaving for it to be having no recaps at all.

There were many newcomers in the movie that you wonder whether remembering their faces or what they do in the movie is of any importance remembering at all. But you would be personally glad that the main cast are still alive and well probably all through the franchise. Which is great, unlike some franchise that kills off your favourite characters right in the middle and probably leave the main character alive and well but suffering from losing his/her mates. I half hoped that there would have been more character growth on other characters instead of just Thomas in the second movie. But there were a few good moments for all your favourite characters in there though! So it was great.

The storyline of The Scorch Trials was a bit messy. It was even more vague about the situation of the story than the first movie. But at least for the first movie, there was a clear goal in mind (Getting out of the Maze). The sequel however, lacked that goal. It felt that they made “running” a main aspect of this movie. So i felt the running was overused and more explanation of the environment and the creation of the post apocalyptic world they have created would have made it much much better. The jump scares in the movie of zombies did give a shock to the audience though! I think most of the audience did not anticipate jump scares from a PG-13 movie. So that kept the movie watchers on their toes and excited. Other than that, I really would have appreciated more explanation of the story. This movie probably did well catering for the book-readers, but for the non-book readers like me, It would be very hard for me to keep up with the story.

I really kept expressing my disappointment of the story development the producers failed to express BECAUSE I believe that the story line has great potential! Because of the vagueness of the story, it gives the audience a great deal of anticipation. Like they have no idea what could happen next, which is a great value for the movie. However, the franchise would do much better if it does explain more. Like they say for all movie makers: ” For every question you raise, answer 2 more questions”, like a sweet to sour ratio of a movie.

Other than THAT, I enjoyed all the actions of the movie, I really enjoyed the concept as well. I will not spoil too much of the movie, because I still do recommend a watch if you are interested in these Post Apocalyptic with young adults saving the world thing, which I enjoy. There will be many twists and turns that you would not expect, so be ready for it! And I have already warned you about the jump scares! So Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I would classify this as a good movie, and I am very excited for the next sequel~

Rating: 7/10


Avengers, Age of Ultron Movie Review

Hi! I know this may be late for this movie review, but better late than never right? This review will not have spoilers apart from what you may be able to watch via the trailers!
Being a fan of the Marvel franchise, this movie did NOT disappoint! It included characters like Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch! Which came to my surprise that they did not use the X-men cast for Quick Silver. But I guess, if they did, they would have had to link both the avengers and X men worlds together. Which was a smart move to create another alternate universe for the Avengers and X men.

Brief Synopsis:
Following the events of The AvengersIron Man 3Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron finds the heroes on a campaign to apprehend Hydra loyalists and secure alien technologies (that have fallen into the wrong hands). This brings Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye to the doorstep of Baron Strucker – a Hydra officer who has been experimenting on Loki’s scepter in the hopes of harnessing its power.


Marvel's Avengers Age of Ultron Final International Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster

The Avengers: Age of Ultron runs 141 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action, violence and destruction, and for some suggestive comments.

I personally don’t read the Marvel Comics to a great extent, and I have always enjoyed the Marvel Universe. However, I found this movie really captivating in terms of the story-line and the team dynamics. It is heart breaking to watch the team breaking apart, knowing they have the same goal of protecting the people in mind. Ultron, a destructive A.I. force hell-bent on playing god, was a twisted character that twisted the core quality of being a hero. I actually enjoyed the Ultron character in this movie very much. He was terribly witty and evil. He pulled the Avengers in new directions and challenge them in unique ways, rather than present an enduring villain on his own.Thats all I can say about it without spoiling. He was the most entertaining character in this movie.

There were many dream scenes in this movie that made the movie slightly confusing and slow. BUT, most of the dream scenes did give us more in-depth understanding of each characters, which was an great! I enjoy watching back stories of the characters come to life, instead of reading it after the movie. The build-up of the character Hawkeye gave the audience a greater insight of the importance of him being in the Avengers team. Which was very much needed as even I was having doubts at a guy shooting explosive arrows being an Avengers. Well this movie pretty much sums up why he is worth it!

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is solid popcorn entertainment and best experienced on the big screen. The visual effects and environment was well produced. There was also another impressive spinning team shot (this time in slow-motion) that was fun to watch! Anyway, it is a recommended movie to watch!

Rating: 8.5/10


Pitch Perfect 2 Review

It’s tough to write a review about a movie without spoiling but here it goes!


I have never once heard so many Acappella jokes in my aca-life in one sitting. Guess what! Pitch Perfect did just that! It’s a slight continuation from the original Pitch Perfect movie in 2012. But Personally i feel that the quality of the story and the songs/mash-up did NOT degrade. As you can see in the trailers and the posters, there are many familiar faces in the movie! They all will make you laugh out loud in the cinemas! Note: There were NO holdback of jokes and funny scenes. The whole movie was a enjoyable watch and a tear jerker as well! Yes, you might think it is all fun and songs and singing, but the underlying story is also touching and the music would bring out emotions that you never think it would! It is a truly recommended watch. It’s like a glee movie, only with different characters and acappella groups come up on top!

Now for a brief storyline from Pitch Perfect 2 (May contain spoilers)

So it is an ensemble cast of women, all are still in college, are led by a very talented Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, and Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy. Hailey Steinfeld is a newcomer to the Bellas, which is college acappella group. She plays the central role of legacy, Emily Junk. As legacy, she will pull out a set of skills that Bellas would need. “Pitch Perfect 2” is loaded with song and dance as the Bellas attempt to win the world a cappella title. There were many surprise characters in there that you may recognise! But I will not spoil anything!


Shots of the main cast with the all so ridiculously funny movie director, Elizabeth Banks! I was so shocked that she was the director of the movie! (which I only just found out while sitting in the cinemas reading the credits) She did an excellent job pushing all the emotional buttons with music and life. Brilliant. Absolutely, brilliant.

Rating: 8/10